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  • bizarre message from eBay seller

    I've been buying a few dolls to complete my doll collection and happened to see a seller who was selling some nice looking Our Generation dolls (very similar to American Girl dolls) with prices starting at $5. I wrote a message to the seller asking if postage can be combined for multiple items and received an immediate answer assuring that she would combine post, tell me not to check out until after I find out how many that I win.

    Fast forward to auction day. I won all four dolls for amounts between $5 and $6 for each one. I woke up this morning to the most bizarre message from the seller:

    "Hello Jan a few issues have come up in my workplace too. My former employee Joan agreed to combined postage without checking things with me first. She was sacked and Jailed as a consequence. What postcode is needed for these things?"

    This was not a business selling things. She only has 143 feedbacks, all for the sale of individual dolls. I think I'm dealing with a child... a young teen at best. Poor 'Joan' losing her job and being jailed for offering combined postage!!

    I don't like the dress that is on this one... or the other three for that matter but shoes are all good... but my intention was to have a sewing day and redress them all in clothes styled more like our girls wear. Anyway, this photo shows not a business setting but a messy teen's bedroom. I hope 'Joan' isn't her mother or grandmother... she may languish in jail for a long time...

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    Oh my gosh... just got two more messages:

    Hello My name is John I run a small home business and I sacked Joan and she is in a cell as agreeing to
    Combined postage without asking is against my policy. My employees obey or I prosecute. As you asked. I will consider it. What is the postcode of where these items are to go? I want this transaction completed quickly, Joan will never work in a private office again.


    Hello Mrs Goodman my name is Natasha and I have replaced Joan. Now John my boss has agreed to do combined postage for your order only. We need an address and postcode so we can post the dolls please.

    No doubt teenagers. John and Natasha? Good grief! I'm not going to proceed with the transactions.
    Effort only fully releases its rewards after a person refuses to quit.

    Napoleon Hill


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      Verrrry strange!
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        sounds way to fishy. I wouldn't touch it either.


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          Are they local or near someone you know?
          Suggest a pick up and see what they have to say