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August 22nd Dinner Post

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  • August 22nd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Wow, what a day weather wise yesterday. Started out with heavy rain and thunder, moved onto white puffy clouds and mostly sunny till early evening, sky got darker and at six-thirty phone went off that there was a tornado warning and go into basement or low areas. That lasted till seven, rain started, pitch black, torrential downpour, thunder, lighting, high winds and that lasted till I fell asleep around elven and now dark again this morning with more rain expected. The high will be 77 and the low of 65.

    I put some chicken in the crockpot with some onion, celery, diced carrots and garden herbs. I will make gravy later with the broth, shred the chicken, and have over biscuits along with garden green beans, tomato slices and garden roasted beets.

    What will be your dinner?
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    Wild weather here in the middle of the nite...cloudy/rainy today, fairly warm. Feeling lazy. Hubby still not feeling DS has stomach issues, and DD is off today she says, sore throat/congested. She took a test just incase...she was out with a gang to a concert Thursday nite and now 4 of the group are positive.
    Hubby and DS just want a chicken caesar salad for dinner tonite and I will have rice & chcken.
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      It was very foggy this morning. Wanted to get all laundry done so hung cloths on the line in the fog lol. It cleared to a sunny humid 80 degrees. after running most of the day clothes are done.
      I'm starting my denture journey tomorrow morning. I decided for my last supper I wanted subway.


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        I made a turkey breast and green beans. I really want cheesecake though.


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          It’s been a beautiful day today, so pretty out there. I had an interesting experience last night, definitely new for me. I was watching TV and I had my front door open with the screen door locked and I heard a funny sound on the porch, almost sounded like a little frog chirping (I have seen them in the past). Well, it wasn’t a frog, it was a good sized raccoon on the porch! I saw his ring tail as it went around to the garage, then it turned and looked at me. I suspect it was going to go after Mendi’s food. Maybe the raccoon is why I haven’t seen the cat for a few days. I got my fiber optic Internet installed today, so far so good! I spent most of the afternoon finishing my book, just couldn’t put it down.

          Dinner…good question. I think I’m going to do an Amana Melange tonight. You know, all the little bits of stuff left in the fridge on one plate. Could be interesting!