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  • August 24th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    I have a sky that is mostly clear and white puffy clouds. I do believe the storms has moved out of the area so the day should be nice with a high of 83 and the low of 64.

    Scrambled eggs, ham, fruit salad and homemade cinnamon rolls for dinner tonight.

    Please tell us what you are having.
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    Holy cow is it ever hot & sticky! Questionable rain moving in...I just did 2 loads of laundry and hung on the line, but I put a damp beach towel in the dryer to fluff up and dryer would not turn on. Ugh.
    I have leftover over maple ham to use up, was going to put it in a mac & cheese casserole but really don't want to turn my oven on in this heat...thinking of a back up plan
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      Egg roll in a bowl today, super simple.


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        It’s a pretty day today, starting to warm up though. Mid 80’s today. I got up early and got dinner prepped and in to the CrockPot, then went to grocery store for the one item I forgot and one item the other store was out of. Can you imagine not finding even one box of Ritz Crackers? The QFC(Kroger) was completely out of them. I think Abby and Mendicat are finally learning to tolerate each other, cat has been hanging out in the backyard all day and Abby has been out there too. Abby did get her nose swatted once though but it didn’t hurt her. They’ll probably be fine in the house together in the winter. My Smart TV pretty much died last night. It had sound but absolutely no picture. I thought it might be a Directv problem but the little TV works just fine. I went online and ordered a new one from Costco, it’ll be here Monday. I need my streaming apps!

        I’m trying out a recipe from a CrockPot cookbook for Pork Roast Landaise. It’s pork loin in a port wine, red wine vinegar, broth, onion, garlic sauce and fresh pears and prunes get added in the last 1/2 hour. I’m having garlic mashed potatoes with it.