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August 27th Dinner Post

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  • August 27th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is sunny with some clouds and the high of 79 and the low of 62. Yesterday it was nice, rain around noon and then it got so dang muggy, sun again and then rain around 2:30, muggy and finally later it eased up. Today they are saying not humid and I sure hope they are right.

    I have hamburger I have pulled from the freezer that is already cooked with onion, garlic and peppers in it so will use the meat and make goulash, salad and garlic bread. Peach cobbler will finish the meal.

    What will your menu be tonight?
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    Made a cold spaghetti salad with Salad Supreme. I had to order the Salad Supreme from Amazon. Grocery stores haven't been able to get it in and I ended up checking with 4 stores. Also, made some marinated green beans. Will probably make chicken to go with it. Decided to make one of Ina Garten's desserts. A Mocha Chocolate Icebox Cake. It ended up being pretty expensive with simple ingredients such as 12 oz. mascarpone cheese, two cups heavy whipping cream. The mascarpone containers only come in 8 oz and 16 I bought the 16 oz size for $10 plus, three packages of Tate's Chocolate Chip Cookies in the green bag - on sale for $5 each! Also includes instant espresso, Kahlua liqueur, cocoa powder and vanilla. It has to be refrigerated overnight so I guess it will be dessert tomorrow. Hope it is good.


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      I used to watch the Barefoot Contessa ( ina garten ) shows all the time. I have most of her books. I have made her guacamole, her shrimp salad, and several other recipes, they have always come out good.
      But yes, it's expensive to make her recipes, to say the least. And most of her recipes are not exactly low calories.
      Hope the Icebox cake will come out good, I have a feeling it will. Keep us posted how you like it Vera. And enjoy the cake.
      I just wanted to add that when I saw the recipe for the first time, around 2010 / 2011 or so, I could not find Tate's chocolate cookies at my grocery store. Back then I didn't even think about ordering online . Now I find those cookies in every food store I go into. How times have changed.
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        It’s been cool and cloudy today, quite pleasant actually. I got my lawns cut and weed whacked this morning and my lawn guy said it probably won’t need it again for quite awhile. Sounds about right, not much mowing goes on in the fall and winter. Mendi and Abby are getting along very well too. Mendi has been asleep on my armchair for the last couple of hours, and Abby is asleep on the couch. Tough life they’ve got! I’ve been reading To Fetch A Thief by Spencer Quinn, another one in the Chet and Bernie series (Chet is a dog) and I’ll probably finish it tonight. It’s a cute series.

        I’m going to heat up some of the pork loin Landaise I made and have some mashed potatoes with it and a Chobani Flipz key lime yogurt for dessert.


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          Vera: your dessert sound amazing!
          Nice day here, cooler, sunny. Poked around house doing stuff, hit up the public beach for a change, read my book awhile.
          Dinner was BBQ'd jumbo cheese dogs, and some sliced tomatoes from the garden
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