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  • Welcome Back, Chayote

    It was nice to see you posting again. You were gone for a good long while. I know what you mean trying to catch up at home after being gone for three weeks. Glad your trip was successful, and Hannah recognized you again!!

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    Yay chayote is back


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      Thank you for the welcome back... it was about three weeks I think. It was hard work being away but I'm glad we went. John got to visit with his brother four days in a row and also caught up with lifetime friends. He started obsessing about how much money the trip would cost and started writing in a book every $1 we spent. After a couple of days I threatened to dump him and his book onto the side of the the highway. I wasn't going to deal with that for over 3,000km! He kept keeping track to some extent but didn't tell me about it.

      We are happy to be home. Going out now to catch up on some payments, etc. and shopping. I'm looking for nappies for Hannah. Huggies have changed them and now there are complaints across facebook saying that the new nappies are leaving babies with red/sore bottoms, Hannah included. While I'm out I'm going to buy as many of the old stock as I can.
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