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September 23rd Dinner Post

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  • September 23rd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Yesterday afternoon the rain returned with high winds and pounding rain and a major drop in the temperatures. Seeing people in jackets or coats was a reminder that snow will not be far behind. The high will be 61 and the low of 48 with a partly sunny sky.

    Dinner will be ----? I haven't decided and will do some freezer shopping and see what appeals as dinner for tonight. I do know fruit salad will be had.

    What will be your dinner this Friday night?
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    I had lunch out with my daughter today. Tonight will be a very lite meal. I have leftovers and can do that. A trip to the grocery store is on my list of to do’s but I don’t feel much like shopping.

    have a good rest of your day.


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      It’s been a very pleasant day today, cool and comfortable. I got the pressure washer out today and cleaned up a couple of yard care things that had been outside for way too long, a rolling gardening seat and a leaf sweeper. They’re all clean and drying in the garage and I’ll get them into the shed later. I really need to do the same for that patio furniture out there too, but that will be another day. It’s doing stuff like this that makes me remember I’m 76 years old. Not much else going on.

      I’m going to make Calamari steak, baked potato and asparagus for dinner.​


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        Oh my it is a chilly day today, but sun is shining. Only a high of 7.
        We have leftover chili to finish up, and I made some more garlic buns
        Tomorrow we head out to watch Kian until Monday, it will be interesting for sure! Tired grandparents at the end of each day, no doubt lol!
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