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September 30th Dinner Post

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  • September 30th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is a beautiful sunny morning with clouds increasing as the day progresses with the high of 65 and the low of 51. No rain.

    Thank you for the inspiration, Mudder for a quiche for dinner tonight. I will put spinach and sausage along with cheese in it. A Waldorf salad and dinner will be so good.

    What food is tempting you for dinner?
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    But love and I had the wit to win,
    We drew a circle that took him in.

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    Taking the mother in law out to dinner tonight. Its hubs brother who passed away birthday so she doesn't need to be alone. I don't know what the doctor said to hubs last time he went but man has be been sticking to healthy eating.


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      Simply stunning day today! I had a nice long walk around town and around the island.
      I was stumped as to what to make for dinner, I had expected to get to the store to pick up a few things but found out last minute that the guy's new barge was going in the water today, so they'd be away from the house all day. I found a box of Hamburger Helper and took some ground beef out of the freezer...still have some tossed salad left to go alongside.
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        Beautiful day. 70 for a high. Nights in low 40s.
        Been running ALL DAY. Went to Greenville at 7:15 to pick up chicks. They made the trip fine. Didn't get my rooster tho heard later in the day they had more so back to Greenville. I "think" I got a rooster. Guess we'll see in a month or so. I'm up to 31 chickens YAY love my girls. Also went to visit with sis.
        Joe suggested I pick up captain D's on second trip to Greenville. No argument from me

        My dsd and hubby left on Caribbean cruise Monday. We've been very concerned. They left from Charleston NC and are now stuck at sea. I'm sure they are fine. Those ships take a ton of precautions. But they cant get back in to port and I wonder how their car is qith the flooding. Ugh these darn kids. Lol


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          Beautiful day today, cool and clear and just lovely. I did a quickie grocery and ATM run this morning and I just finished making a half batch of potato salad for when Josh and Steve get here. I’m planning on baking a German Apple Cake too, Tuesday is Steve’s 54th birthday. Dang I’m gettin’ old!

          I’m going to air fry some frozen Buffalo wings and have a half bag of Dole Ultimate Caesar salad. By the time I finish with that cake I’ll be wiped out!​


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            Quiche sounds wonderful. I need to make one soon. But mine will need to be small. Any more unless my kids come over it is Frankie (my dog) and I here at my home. I do have a mini pan, so I will give a go soon.