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October 2nd Dinner Post

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  • October 2nd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is a dark and overcast morning with a very windy day with the high of 60 and the low of 40.

    I am starting another crockpot of applesauce for the freezer this morning. The house will start the welcome smell of fall cooking before long.

    Potstickers, jasmine rice and apple crisp will be dinner.

    What delectable meal will be your dinner?
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    Sunny, windy mid 50s
    put on a pot of veggie soup last eve. Joe may want a grilled cheese ? I'll just have soup with crackers soaked in it.
    I finished off the dumpling casserole for breakfast. Easy. Requires no chewing lol


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      Well, the sun is shining but I had no idea how cold it was out there lol...I made up my mind to BBQ some jumbo dogs and made a mac salad figuring it was a warmer day than yesterday. Oh well, I will bundle up!
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        It’s a beautiful day today, warmer than normal for this time of year. Joshua and I have been busy in the garage and Steve just arrived a few minutes ago. Busy busy!

        I’m making turkey burgers and potato salad for dinner and German apple cake for dessert.​