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October 8th Dinner Post

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  • October 8th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is partly sunny with the high of 56 and the low of 40.

    Split pea and ham soup, corn bread waffles, and baked apples will be dinner.

    What will you be having?
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    Frrreakin cold. 35° now. High 59. Sunny. Just got in from feeding critters. Couldn't believe mother hen has the baby chicks outside. Guess she knows what to do but to me it's to cold ?????
    putting a pork butt in the oven with the usual suspects. Feelin like I need to do something Joe likes. I made banana pudding.


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      Again we had a warm day until about 4pm when it rained for half an hour... the temperature plummeted and the heating was turned on. It's been raining a lot in Melbourne to the extent that there's local flooding. I guess the new owner of our house there has found out that carport floods during heavy rain. Not my problem now...

      Dinner tonight was the remainder of the lamb stew and mashed potato and sweet potato.
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        I’m going to grill some ham and see what else I can come up with. I have salad and can make bisquits. Just no ambition. One night I made cornbread and that was it.


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          Chilly & blustery day here. Thank God hubby and I are feeling better as we have a very busy wknd...our Canadian Thanksgiving.
          I cooked the ham today and cleaned house, had a little visit with other side of family members down at lake for a few cocktails.
          DS was going to BBQ burgs but it really yucky out, so pan frying inside and will do some french fries in the AF
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            It’s been nice today, but we have had some smoky haze from the Bolt Creek fire this afternoon. I did some straightening up out in the garage to make room for when I order a new freezer, probably after the holidays. The freezer I have is so old and and it ices up pretty badly at the top of the door. It’s also jam packed full. I’ll more than likely keep it just for overflow.

            I’m going for quick and easy tonight. I’m going to chop up some Aidell’s bacon and pineapple chicken sausage and make some sautéed onions and add those to some Velveeta shells and cheese. Yum! A small salad on the side.​