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October 13th Dinner Post

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  • October 13th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    There was a light show, lots of drum rolls and the pounding rhythm of the rain on a metal roof for last night's entertainment with encores that lasted till 5 this morning. it is still overcast with just sprinkles and light rain now. It will clear out by late evening along with the high of 60 and the low of 39.

    Good soup weather so vegetable beef it will be along with rolls I will make today and a dish of baked custard.

    What will you be consuming tonight?
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    I will either make soup or breakfast this evening.


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      It's cloudy with sprinkles. Right down chilly at 52 and windy.
      we're having chicken fettuccini alfredo. Salad & garlic bread for Joe.


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        A somewhat nasty day! We had howling winds thru the nite. We drove in to town to look after Kian for a few hours...had a blast taking him to the toy section of Walmart lol...of course we just HAD to buy him trucks & cars!
        Hubby requested sausages, perogies/fried onions and brown beans for dinner...I must say those onions smell soooooo good right now!
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          It’s been another pretty day today but there was a bit of chill in the house when I got up. Not enough to turn on heat but definitely enough to put on a flannel shirt and socks. The animals certainly appreciated the warmer temperatures in the house. I watched the January 6 hearing this morning, and then did a few things around the house.

          I’m going to heat up more of the Mississippi chicken and have some mashed potatoes with it and some fruit.​