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A sad turkey story :(

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  • A sad turkey story :(

    We just had our Canadian Thanksgiving this past wknd. I cooked up a 22 lb turkey along with a ham on Monday for all of our family, it was wonderful to be all together and actually get along!!!! We had a pretty good clean up after the meal...I thought everything was put in fridge....I knew the mere bones of the carcass was still out but did not worry too much about that. Anyhoo, I had not been feeling so great the last week or so, but came around by the holiday wknd. Come Tuesday morning I was flat on my back, totally whacked out with something. I stayed in bed all day. I got up about 3:30 and saw my big roasting pan out on table in laundry room, I asked hubby if he could put the remains in a bag in freezer for me, he did. As it turned out on Wednesday!!!! afternoon as I'm up tidying house, I go to put the pan away only to discover that it was the pan full of all the dark meat, wings and 1 leg. (hubby put away the meatless bones lol) THE BEST part for soup!!!! and casseroles!!!!! How did this get past us? I 'thought' it had been dealt with after the TG dinner...too many ppl in kitchen doing many things. I was heartbroken. That turkey cost us $50 and figured it would do us for quite some many meals
    A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands

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    Ohhh noooo! I hate it when I do things like that.


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      Ugh I hate when that happens!!!

      Yrs ago Joe cut a boneless pork loin into boneless chops. I put them on a cookie sheet to freeze then bag. Was looking for something in the freezer and sat the cookie sheet on top so it didn't fall out on the floor. Went to basement days later for something OMG the stink. Forgot they were on top.
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        Sounds like something I'd do