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October 16th Dinner Post

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  • October 16th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    The sky is clearing up and I see the sun peeking through. The high will be 65 and the low of 41 and then plain cold weather and what I call cotton candy snow. Oh joy!!

    Dinner will be a sheet pan meal of pork loin, sweet potatoes and parsnips and apples cut in half with a dash of cinnamon sprinkled on them.

    What will be your Sunday dinner?
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    Chilly Willy but I'm not complaining high mid 50s lows 40s. Sunny windy. Going to grocery. NEED ice cream lol. Think I'll make a choc pudding cake

    Joe's having fresh side, fried potatos. Either beets or peas. I'm stickin with gravy & mashed.


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      Just got back from a wedding wknd away celebrating marriage of our nephew. We stayed at a swanky lake side resort - rented a condo...ooooh so lovely and hard to come home lol! Wedding and festivities were awesome.
      We are all a bit pooped out, and I really didn't feel much like cooking too much....I did offer to make a mac & cheese casserole, but hubby said, make it easier than that and we will have KD and fried hotdogs! No prob by me!
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        I am planning on making a salad for my dinner this evening.


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          Warm and smoky/hazy today. We need some serious rain to get the fires out and clean up the air. This is absolutely untypical weather conditions this year. My tree trimming guy couldn’t come today because of the bad air, we’ll try for next weekend. I did go out and do some rearranging and cleaning in the garage to make room for the freezer I ordered last night. I should get it Saturday. I got it on a 6 month no interest charge if paid in full deal. That should be no problem! It will be so nice to have the 2 freezers instead of one small tightly packed one. I’ve been doing some reading and napping this afternoon.

          I’m going to heat up more of the Greek Baked Ziti and have half a bag of Caesar salad with it.​