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  • Take the Politics out of the Border Wall Issue

    This is not about left or right, so please leave the politics out of it.

    What is the answer to the current immigration problem?

    I feel like it would only take a change in the laws. There is no need to build a wall to keep someone out. It's too expensive and it doesn't work because people will just go around, over or under it if they have something here they want. I remember in the 70's and 80's, it was illegal to hire immigrants without papers. We had a roustabout company that often tried to slip them in and people would call the law and turn them in. Why can't that be done now? People would call in if they had a monetary incentive to do so....like the abortion thing in Texas.
    Why does the American taxpayers have to pay Spanish speaking teachers in schools? Why can't the parents have to hire tutors to teach their kids English before they can enter school? Why must ER's be open to every child with a cough? I've had to sit in ER's with my elderly mom and wait on a slew of kids that weren't really sick. It's maddening.

    When they cross the border, they should have to sign up for work programs. If their name isn't in the system, they cannot get hired, kids cannot enter school, go to free hospitals, get public aid, etc. Workers are hired through that system, otherwise, they are non-entities (don't exist in America)

    Our ancestors came here and had to learn English. They stayed with family until they could afford to go out on their own. They had to make it themselves or die. As long as America caters to the immigrants in every aspect of their lives, nothing is going to change. Change the damned laws!!

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    Good luck taking politics out of the wide open border.


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      It's really not about politics. It's been turned into that as a wedge issue for political gain, but there are answers beyond politics. Those people would not be coming in those numbers if they knew they weren't going to get what they get now.


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        I agree with you on that, but right now the border is open because the illegal are seen as voters in the future.
        I came as an immigrant , legally, I was already married to an American army officer, yet I had to apply at the american embassy in germany to get a Visa to join my husband here in the states. No guarantee that I would get the Visa. Obviously I did.
        There were laws and rules that were obeyed, something that is not going on now, anything goes with no consequences these days , supported by the current administration.
        That is politics for sure.


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          Sabine, it's not supported by the current admin. unless it's been supported by all previous admin's too...since Reagan. The sad fact is that people in power on all sides want the cheap labor. They go on TV and say differently, but they want them here for their own pocketbooks. That is why they are being "let" in. That is why all of the freebies are still in place to help lure them in. You cannot believe what you see and hear on TV. You have to look around you and see what is actually happening. Changing the laws is a simple thing to do, but no party will attempt it because it will hurt their own donors too much.


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            As far as hospital emergency rooms they are open to anybody 24/7, always has been . Especially county hospitals. Nothing new about that, that is not going to change. What has changed is that we now have urgent care clinics on every corner that are able to take care of a lot of emergencies, of course you have to have insurance.


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              I know what is going on. I lived for 3 years just a few miles from the mexican border.
              we have a president who goes on tv and declares the border closed and secure.
              So does the VP and so does several of the others , like Mayorkas. So you think that Biden is not supporting it, ok, I have a bridge to sell you.


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                Originally posted by Sabine View Post
                I know what is going on. I lived for 3 years just a few miles from the mexican border.
                we have a president who goes on tv and declares the border closed and secure.
                So does the VP and so does several of the others , like Mayorkas. So you think that Biden is not supporting it, ok, I have a bridge to sell you.
                I agree, but you cannot say all past presidents haven't supported it too, or they would have changed laws and not just got up on tv and said they want to close the border. That is a talking point and a wedge issue...period!! They know full well no wall is going to close the borders. After all, Cubans come in on the water. Russians come in on the water. All Countries south of us have water, and boats and coyotes. If they cannot come on land, they will use the water. Spending money on a wall that is not going to work is a waste of money.
                Who would come here if they knew they weren't going to get all of the freebies? What would be the purpose? every person I saw beign interviewed after a huge migration said they main reason they come of for jobs and their kids to gt educated. Why make it so easy to get both and then a lot more?

                Our county used to have a county clinic for normal health issues. They did not use the ER's. I have no idea why they closed the clinic, but it was very popular. I used to get my kid's vaccines there and they charged a little if you could pay, claimed on insurance if you had insurance, and it was free for those who had no money and no insurance. It was the perfect solution.

                If each hospital could have a day clinic for those people who need help, then why not do it and quit clogging up the ER's. Most every hospital has empty rooms somewhere.
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                  I agree, the illegals are coming because they know that they get free things, and I agree that needs to be changed. I doubt it will.
                  Like I posted before, I lived close to the border for 3 miserable years. My daughter and son in law live on a big cattle ranch just a few miles from the border. I cannot describe all the damage the illegal have done to their property.
                  I tell you what also needs to be changed is giving the babies that are born in this country to illegals automatic American citizenship. That is another reason the illegals, pregnant and all, walk across the river, because they know that baby will be born in our country and have citizenship and everything that comes with it. Again that has been going on for decades and will not change.


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                    It is a very big problem and there has to be a change, because our country cannot support millions of illegals that come over every day and then expect to live off welfare. That cannot be sustained financially. On top of that we have all the drugs come across , like fentanyl , brought over by cartels and illegals, something has to give. JMHO
                    i just want to add that so many of the illegals are criminals. Venezuela is letting some of them out of prison and send them over here. The crime rate in our country is horrendous, why, well one reason is that we have DA's in some cities who don't put the criminals in jail, it has become a catch and release program, nobody seems to care. No consequences to looting , stealing, beating people up, it's all ok. It all has to change or our country is going down the drain, we will be just another 3rd world country.
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                      I agree about the Anchor babies. At least one parent should be a legal American citizen. Did you know that the corporate world is pushing those people out of their countries? Big people want the land, minerals, and everything else of value. They don't want the people. The Christian side of me feels sorry for a lot of those people, but you are right, American taxpayers cannot afford to take care of the world, especially when there are so many tax cuts for the upper class and tax hikes for the rest of us...all the while, wages are decreasing because of the illegals that work for next to nothing. The Civil War did not do away with slavery. It's still here and always will be. There are just other forms of slavery.


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                        I live in Ohio but we have a huge immigrant population here because of the nursery work. My neighborhood is a mix of Mexican, Puerto Rican and Jamaican. Nurseries often have INS checks and my son went to school with several kids whos parents were not legal. Illegals didnt get any government benefits because you need a social to collect. I can tell you here the Spanish community stick together and take care of their own. We hire Spanish workers when we need to get the job done correctly and quickly. They are the best workers hands down and cost more than the local people. I have plenty of white laborers that I 1099 that I know never pay taxes. We have labor shortages and there are willing workers, we should utilize them and make citizenship easier to obtain.

                        School shootings and these mass shootings are done by white men. I imagine living in a boarder state you see it different because that is all you see, but crime is everywhere.

                        Drugs wouldn't be an issue if they just legalized them all and taxed them, it would probably solve a lot of the problems. I mean look at the people who created Oxy and created a whole new drug problem.

                        No one can go to the ER without waiting for people who are not sick enough even here. Every person you see there is white. That has more to do with parents not being able to miss work because they need the money to go to the doctor.

                        My solution would be just give them a ssn as they cross the boarder so they can be taxed properly. Even better scrap the whole tax system and make a national sales tax. Tax those that consume the most.

                        Lets not forget to the Native Americans we are immigrants who don't belong here.


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                          " No one can go to the ER without waiting for people who are not sick enough even here. Every person you see there is white. That has more to do with parents not being able to miss work because they need the money to go to the doctor. "

                          Every person that goes into the ER are white < you got to be kidding, most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Maybe in your town, but not here in SA.
                          The school shooting in Uvalde Texas was done by a Hispanic kid. The school shooting in Florida was done by a Hispanic kid. Educate yourself before making statements that are not true and can be easily checked.
                          Maybe we need to fine employers who knowingly hire illegal people. Sounds like you do. That may change a few things.
                          You live in Ohio, which is a long way from the Mexican border, and the border states / cities who have to deal with the illegal problem on a daily basis. Something you know nothing about, you have no clue.


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                            Since I couldn't possibly know anything about it, it sounds like the boarder states should fix their own problem and not use federal money then. Both of those school shooters were American citizens not illegal immigrants. Sounds you have more of a brown person problem than an immigrant problem. Yes there are many nearby communities where you go to an ER and only see white people.


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                              Texas has a illegal immigrant problem. Our schools are filled with kids who cannot speak, or understand English, making the school district hire extra Spanish-speaking teachers. We, the taxpayers, have to pay for higher school taxes to hire those extra teachers. I go into the local grocery stores and see the immigrants sending their pay back to their home countries instead of spending their money here, while they use our public ER.s and public schools and every other program they can use.
                              I'm all for helping people, but we can only pay for so much stuff before we break.

                              muzette, it's people who want to pay cheap labor who are bringing this Country down. Any person would do a good job if they thought they could make it on that meager pay. People who own things, such as cars and homes, rent homes, own property , cannot make a living on the pay anymore. They are not lazy, they just have no other choice other than to be on public programs if they want to eat and have a roof over their heads. Unions are gone, so the pay scale is dropping fast, but the cost of living and prices are just goign up and up and up. Cheap, wooden frame rent houses in our area are goign for anywhere between $1200-$2000 a month. Most people's incomes are not that much and then they have to figure in electric, phone, water, food, medical. The low wages that immigrants have to accept is driving this Country into the ground