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  • November 1st Dinner Post

    Good Morning! It is dark and a misty rain this morning with the high of 62 and the low of 45.

    Meatloaf, scalloped potatoes and roasted broccoli will be dinner.

    What are you having?
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    My daughters dog went home last night, whew what a crazy few days. The dogs play like idiots. My reward will be cockatils for dinner tonight. I made a batch of cranberry apple sangria. I will more than likely drink the entire pitcher and regret it i the morning lol.


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      Wow! Sure is a sunny, warm day, so unlike November weather...perhaps Indian Summer? Supposed to gt up to high of 20 by Friday.
      Have a little bit of leftover roast beef left, I will cube it up and put in a pot of au jus and BBQ sauce, simmer along with pepper/onion/mushroom chunks, add a bit of broccoli that needs using up and pour over rice.
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        It’s November already…yikes! I had over 200 trick or treaters last night, even though it was cold and kind of drizzly here. It was fun, I had my portable heater and enjoyed greeting everyone. There were a lot of teenagers and they were all so polite and seemed to be having a great time, so refreshing. I still have some candy left, I may just put it in Ziplock bags and freeze it. I had to get up early for Abby’s all day vet appointment this morning. It’s her semi-annual checkup and glucose curve test. A good precaution before we hit the road in 2 weeks. After I dropped her off I took a nap, I was so sleepy! I’ll go pick her up in about an hour. I think tonight is going to be an early to bed night for both of us.

        I’m making nobody else’s favorite dinner again… liver and onions and balsamic glaze, roasted zucchini and a packet of turmeric rice.​


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          Originally posted by CharleneG View Post
          It’s November already…yikes! I had over 200 trick or treaters last night, even though it was cold and kind of drizzly here.
          I'm glad you enjoyed your trick or treaters last night, Charlene. I would have freaked out if I'd had that many but you were obviously well prepared. Well done!

          It rained and hailed and was cold all day yesterday. Anyone would think it's still winter. According to the weather bureau, we are in a "weather phenomenon" and the cold front is coming straight off the ice of Antarctica. By this time next week we will have the airconditioning going on cool setting and not heat.

          Because of the weather we stayed home again. I had two CPKs on the go... one soaked in the sink while the other had her hair defuzzed and then they swapped over. They'll take a couple of days to dry... one will be ready to clothe and the other needs a facial to remove blue pen.

          Dinner was sausages and onion in bread. Neither of us had an appetite for much more.
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