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    As I am sure many do, I sure do miss not seeing Chefkel not post anymore!! She had such good recipes, and she seemed like a great person! I hope no one ran her off from here.

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    Yes I remember her. There are several I think/wonder about. I know nuisance can't come back but I think that sucks. She was so funny. Rubalious. can't remember her screen name something about recycling. The gal in FL she had really good recipes, I have several of hers. There's so many more that cross my mind. So wish they'd come back and it could be crazy fun again.
    cindy1965. Great recipes
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      Chefkel - was she not young and newly married? And yes, I do remember her posting lots of great recipes. Bean...are you friends with her?
      Rubelicious - I do believe that her and I were fb friends, but have not seen a post from her in ages. She and I grew up in the same city.
      Nuisance - she kept this board rockin' always a ton of fun! Her and I are fb friends.
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        The one from Florida is Ro-Ro and we exchanged gifts one year when we did it through the board. I have been in contact with her occasionally and miss her posting on here. There were/are a lot of nice people on here and some left and will not come back they have said.

        Maybe if some see this thread they will know they are missed and come out and play with us again.
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          Yes!!! I remember them all, they seemed to be really great! And YES they all are truly missed. I can't help but wonder if one of the more outspoken members we have on here hurt their feelings....


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            Chaswell... we all know where you are heading with this topic so I've made the decision to close the thread. If you have issues with any particular member of CopyKat Chat, feel free to contact Stephanie instead of trying to bring up old history on the board.