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  • November 4th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It sunny this morning, no fog, and a beautiful day. The high will be a perfect 71 and the low of 56.

    I decided it is a potato salad, baked beans, deviled eggs and BBQ ribs kind of day.

    What will you be having this beautiful Friday night?
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    Wow LTB that all sounds yummy. Except the ribs sorry not a fan. Joe loves them but only gets them when we go out to eat. I want my meat boneless with 0 fat only thing I'm going to work for is shelling shrimp.
    Thanks for the idea. Think I'll plan that for tomorrow with burgers.
    It's sunny and chilly. They say high mid 70s so put bedding on the line.
    brought supper home from the fish joint yesterday so we're having leftover beans and cornbread


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      Chaos here today when the postie arrived. I had won some Build-a-Bears on eBay and they were delivered today... 3 bulk lots that worked out to $6 each so I bought them all... 16 of them. They arrived in three giant size tough mailing bags. Every bear was better than I expected and for the next couple of weeks I'll be using my sewing machine to make clothes for them all. I also received a Cabbage Patch Kid that is in great condition except for her hair. I've already defuzzed it and she now looks beautiful. She has ginger hair and green eyes... my favourite combination.

      Dinner tonight was a small chicken schnitzel... John had his in a sandwich with egg and onion; I had mine with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and alfalfa.

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        Chayote: You must have felt like a kid on Christmas morning!

        Mild day, bit overcast. We have Kian today. We spent a lot of time out walking around and of course he wanted to head for the lake...he seemed to be baffled as to why there was no kids/people around, he kept looking all around. He played in the sand with trucks and then Uncle Trev came down and snapped a bunch of candid shots of Kian that turned out amazing...I will post one of two when I get them.
        I have not planned dinner! Trev mentioned maybe making some naan bread pizza's, good idea and I hope he runs with it and picks up a few of the ingredients we need for them.
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          TGIF! I cannot even say that enough today...
          Today's high reached 71 with a low of 58. Lots of leaves have fallen and our splendid fall colors are becoming a distant memory. Friday night dinner is Sockeye salmon.. which I'm debating between a lemon herb topping and roast or a pesto topping and roast. Both are good.. the pesto one is easier because it's costco pesto in a jar. roasted asparagus with cherry tomatoes and some type of pasta something.. maybe pesto in that. All I know is that I need a glass of wine or 5 or more. Glad this weeks over. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend. This weekend is more tearing out tile in the bathroom for our rehab project. fun times! NOT!.


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            Greetings MWG! Nice to see you here!

            It’s been raining all day today, just a really wet and cold day. I turned on the gas fireplace for the first time since April this morning, it definitely warms the room up. I did go to Grocery Outlet this afternoon, they had Sara Lee pumpkin pies on a BOGO sale and I stocked up for the year and got 6 of them. I could eat pumpkin pie every day and never get tired of it, so it’s nice to have them on hand for when I want some. I also bought and froze 4 bags of cranberries and 3 packs of turkey bacon. Afterwards I cashed in my big Powerball win ticket, a whole 4 bucks, and bought tickets for the draw tomorrow. C’mon, pick my numbers!

            I’m going to make a chicken sandwich using the Heavenly Chicken I cooked last night and add pickles, tomato and cheese to it, and finish up the bag of chopped salad from the day before.​


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              Originally posted by MudderBear View Post
              Chayote: You must have felt like a kid on Christmas morning!
              It was a lot of fun, MudderBear. I've already got ideas for clothing about half of them. Dressing bears and dolls is so much more fun than housework!
              Effort only fully releases its rewards after a person refuses to quit.

              Napoleon Hill