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November 10th Dinner Post

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  • November 10th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    While a clear blue sky is beautiful, I know the rain/snow hits tomorrow and cold temps will make for a dark and dreary weekend. So today I am being outside as much as I can. I got the ice scraper put up front in my car along with the cover for the windshield and will put that on tonight in case we get ice also. But today is a beautiful day with the high of 67 and the low of 52.

    I am thinking grilled cheese, tomato soup and chocolate mousse will be dinner.

    What will you be having?
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    It's a really nice day out there! We had to go back to town today. Hubby was replacing the gasket on the woodstove door yesterday and when he went to put the door back on, he noticed there was a crack in the glass! He was fuming, and I was looking at things a different thoughts were, 'Well, good thing you noticed now and not know when having a fire, and what if??? the glass broke and fire came thru, and caught house on fire'? Our woodstove is in the basement, so its not like we'd notice an issue right away, or what if we were out of the house? The thought scares me to death. Anyway, we inquired at the store where we purchase the stove only to find out that it would cost us $800 for a new door! They don't replace the glass. Ugh. So, we found out that there is a glass place that does install to woodstove doors, thank God....cost was $400. While in town I did some shopping for stocking stuffers.
    Dinner will be the leftover meatloaf and scalloped potatoes
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      Its a whatever we find in the fridge before I clean it out kind of night. My cow comes in tomorrow and after we get it home and packed up we are off to the lakehouse. I also have all my furniture scooted to the center of the room since the painters are coming Monday. I have been a busy beaver scrubbing baseboards and wiping down the walls. I just dont want to do it Sunday night when we get home. The painter likes to work from 6am to 2 pm since its a woman with kiddos. I am allll about those hours.


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        Thank goodness he saw it before anything horrible happened. My mind would have gone to the same places yours did.
        sunny 76 today. BUT the big chill and snow coming soon.
        Bought a pkg Italian sausage links. Not a big fan tho Joe loves it. After a discussion the decision is fry em along with scalloped cabbage and boiled potatos. I'll saute peppers and onions to have with mine. Got a wicks sugar cream pie out of the freezer this morn.
        wicks sells the 2nds at their restaurant. Neighbor was having lunch there and they had a case (8) pies for $10. She gave me 2.


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          Pretty day again today, not very warm but not wet
          or windy. I was up early so I could get Abby to the vet a 8 am for a follow up glucose curve since they increased her insulin last week. I was not exactly ready to be awake yet! I got a haircut at noon and got a few more things in the car. I’ve had a headache today but it’s mostly gone now.

          Since I won’t pick up Abby until about 5 pm, and I’ll be in the neighborhood anyway, I ordered a Papa Murphy’s Greek pepperoni pizza for my dinner, and I’ll have enough left over to reheat on Friday or Saturday night. Works for me!​