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November 14th Dinner Post

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  • November 14th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    The snow is still on the ground, cars and trees so i am safe in saying it is cold out still. It will be sunny but is overcast now, with the high of 40 and the low of 29.

    DGS requested chili for dinner so chili it will be with cornbread waffles and applesauce.

    What will be your dinner?
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    Sunny and COLD 29 a high of 40 then snow next 3 days. Cozy in here tho. The wood stove feels so good.
    I have a pkg hamburger thawed. So I'm making tater tot casserole. It's been a very long time since we've had that. Headed to kitchen now to make a pineapple upside down cake. I've got a huge hankering for pineapple


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      Bright and crisp day!
      Hubby and I are tackling the front porch - its heated and actually is an extension of our livingroom - we started to paint it just before summer but then quit, as who wants to be indoors painting in the summer time! He has to finish a bit of sanding, and I will paint the second coat on the walls, hopefully this week he can get the trim made for the windows and it will be complete. Trying to get some jobs that need doing before I can start decorating for Christmas, and also we will be babysitting Kian for a week starting Friday while his parents go to Mexico, so I really want to get as much done now.
      Dinner will be leftover ham that I will fry up a bit to brown, also fry up some perogys/onions too, and a side of brown beans.
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        I thought about making chili but it is getting close to dinner time and now I don’t have the ambition. I would order dinner delivered but think I will pull out whatever I can find and call it dinner. Something to drink and I will be set.


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          I couldn’t have asked for better traveling weather today! With the exception of Everett WA and pea soup fog, the rest of the day was perfect driving weather. I picked Steve up at SeaTac at 10 am and we made it down to Yreka CA for the night. It’s so dark and not very inhabited for the next 100 miles or so that we decided to get a room early. We were both tired. I drove from my house to Creswell OR and he drove from there down here to Yreka. We’ll get to his house tomorrow.

          I have no idea what we’ll have tonight, I’ve got some Hickory Farms turkey stick and some sliced cheese in the little ice chest, that might be it until morning.​


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            14th November marks 40th anniversary of the death of my Dad. I miss him terribly to this day but he often *visits* in my dreams. He deserved a healthier life than he had but due to injuries and illnesses during World War 2, that wasn't to be. As the youngest of his children I tended to take him for granted... that he would always be around. It doesn't feel like 40 years since he passed and I'm sorry that he never knew my children. He would be so proud of them, especially Charlie who was named after Dad.

            John is still not well and had an ultrasound yesterday. He's now been called back for a CT scan on 16th which for us is in 18 hours from now. I have an appointment at the same time to have a procedure on my knee in preparation for further surgery in April. It's been a trying year medically speaking but I'm praying for a healthier 2023.

            John didn't have anything to eat for dinner... he was in bed by 8pm. I had a small bowl of pasta and much later had some vanilla icecream with macerated berries.

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              Charlene, so happy ( and envious ) you and son had a good day traveling. Never been very far west of the Mississippi. Can only try to imagine how beautiful.

              Chayote, don't think we ever get over missing our parents and siblings. It is without doubt hard stuff. As much as I miss my parents it's my sister I still have a hard time with. She's been gone 32 yrs come Dec 7. She was only 50. So unexpected. I am truly sorry.
              I pray they can find what's making John feel so bad and fix him. Also hope all goes well with you're knee. Knee pain is awful.
              I think of you and John often and always whisper a prayer for both <3


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                Rosie, it’s been a good trip so far. We’re close to Fresno CA now and we’ll be at Steve’s house by dinnertime. Washington and Oregon and northern CA have some gorgeous scenery, but central CA is pretty much flat and agricultural and brown. If you get the chance to visit western states I highly recommend Utah. It is absolutely magical! I’ll post a link for you to view a bunch of my travel photos on Facebook after we get to Steve’s house.