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November 16th Dinner Post

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  • November 16th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Yes, sunshine is breaking through the clouds and is a welcome sight. The high will be 38 and the low of 27 with heavy snow overnight. Well, it was, now it is getting dark as night from very dark gray clouds that are moving in.

    DGS is wanting a repeat of leftovers so I told him pick what he wants just to leave enough for tomorrow night as I am getting my eyes checked out tomorrow and my vision will not be the best till the drops wear off and my vision clears. My appointment is late afternoon so it will take a while before I have clear vision again.

    He gets either spaghetti or chili so it will be a good homemade meal.

    What will you be having?

    Dang forgot hitting post again.
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    Sunny and cold burrr 33 high will stay in the 30s. Snow tonight.
    Doing catch up today since I've been a bit lazy lately.
    We're having pan fried fish, fried potatos. Usually have sliced tomatos but those days are gone so probably cream corn. CARBS BABY LOL


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      They are saying we could get up to a foot of snow tonight, we shall see. Grilled cheese and tomato soup made a quick dinner. Its 4 pm and I just want to go to bed already.


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        We had some snow in nite, not a lot thank goodness. I have to admit that the snow made me want to start getting my Christmas decorations out, I mentioned it, and hubby said 'I'm surprised you haven't started yet'! Soooooo, maybe I will begin tomorrow...a bit lol. Anyhoo, I wanted to finish the painting today - which I did - and start to put stuff away to make room for decorations.
        I made a pot of hot Italian sausage soup + garlic buns for hubby and DS. I bought myself a TV dinner lol.
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          It’s been a really nice day here in Bodfish CA, bright and sunny. My DIL Kim and I went grocery shopping this morning to get things for tonight’s dinner and some of the Thanksgiving goodies. While we were in there I saw a drop dead gorgeous older man in there shopping and Kim agreed he was just finer than frog fur. He was obviously a rancher, jeans, work shirt, boots and cowboy hat, very handsome with a neatly trimmed white beard. Wow, that was a treat this morning!

          I’m making Caesar chicken, basmati rice pilaf and roasted asparagus for our dinner tonight. I enjoy cooking for people and I miss it, so it’s a treat to be able to cook for Steve and Kim.​