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November 24th Dinner Post

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  • November 24th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    It is a wonderful sunny day with the high of 56 and the low of 40. Just a wonderful day for travel and just enjoying the day.

    I was watching the Macys parade and it is so interesting how much the parade has changed over the decades. Same basic concept but it is bigger and the how much bigger the helium floats have gotten and so detailed with a lot more people holding the ropes and keeping them maintained and even for the size and weight. I know it is months of planning and preparing and they do a wonderful job.

    Dinner will be turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, corn, green beans, mac and cheese, rolls, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.

    What will be your dinner?

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    We went shopping today. Not sure why Australia has "Black Friday" sales but I appreciated the 10% discount on the BBQ that we wanted. It's the same as the one we had in Melbourne but this time we got a red one. I gave Tiff our old BBQ before leaving Melbourne as she didn't have one.

    After we bought the BBQ we went to Costco. I needed an additional bin for the kitchen. There's something mysterious that happens in Costco... you go in with a mental list of what you need (in my case, 5 items) and come out with $230 worth of stuff. It was fun... I loved the Christmas trees that they sell but way out of my price range. Some of them were over $1,000.

    We got home in time for dinner but John didn't want much and I didn't want any. We had bought a snack at Costco and it was probably too close to dinner time.

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      I spent the night at my daughters and we will be cooking much of the day. My older daughter will drop in later today. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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        Happy Thanksgiving
        Balmy day here, I put up the outdoor Christmas lights and brought out a bunch of decorations, some are placed. It's funny how from year to year sometimes I just don't recall what goes where, oh well, doesn't really matter in the end.
        I'm frying up a couple of pork chops for me and hubby, the recipe with the maple syrup/cider/dijon glaze...very yummy, sides of cauliflower and mashed potatoes...DS will finish up the last few meat patties from the other nite.
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          Busy and wonderful day today! We had a lovely day, busy with prep and happy chit chat. Joshua arrived this afternoon to join us and my granddaughter Lindsey and Carl arrived a little later. We all ate til we were stuffed. It was a lovely day with absolutely no drama, just the way we love to have it.

          We had turkey, dressing, potato salad, Mac and cheese, my recipe for green bean casserole, pineapple casserole, salad, rolls, it was all delicious!​


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            Still having an issue with my phone. Dinner is questionable today.

            Ever since I updated my phone this week I have more problems.