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  • November 25th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    In a month I will be posting "Merry Christmas". Are you ready for it?

    It is very dark out with a 20 percent chance of rain this morning with sunshine returning this afternoon. The high will be 49 and the low of 33.

    Dinner will be an opportunity for helping yourself and eating leftovers from yesterday. Sounds good and super easy.

    What will you be having?
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    45 now with a high mid 50s. Sunny
    we have very few leftovers since we went to Joe's daughters. First yr in almost 40 yrs I haven't hosted. Felt weird and wonderful.
    Kroger has 80/20 burger for 2.99 for next 4 days. Bought some last time they had it. Didn't think I'd use it fast but I whizzed thru it. I don't use it for burgers ( to fat for me) it's great for chili, tacos, casseroles things where I cook it first & drain. So headed that way to get at least 20 lbs.
    We're starting the circle again. Finish the pork loin roast. Then the breakfast casserole. I won't be cooking for a few days. YAY


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      I layered yesterdays leftovers in a pan. Mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, turkey, gravy, stuffing, more corn, green beans, turkey and gravy. I will bake it up for dinner tonight. Making stock for the bones as we speak. Its a great day to be lazy.


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        Muzette: I love using up the turkey leftovers that way. I only tried it for the first time a few years ago and everyone preferred it to just plopping the food separately on each plate
        Had some bacon to use up and didn't think it would last til Sunday breakfast, so I decided to make a cheese & bacon quiche made with has brown crust, brown beans on the side
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          Anybody Black Friday shopping? I’d rather get a colonoscopy and a root canal at the same time than do that! I don’t want/need anything that badly.

          It’s been nice today, Joshua left to head back to AZ, it was nice to have him here. Steve has a Zen Zeppelin gig in El Segundo, just a few miles from where I lived before I moved tonight. I was going to go down with him just to look around but realized I don’t miss a darn thing down there worth fighting the traffic for, so Kim and I are having girls night in and watch Slumberland on Netflix. Sounds much better!

          We’re just going to pick and choose from Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner.


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            Good evening!It was a beautiful day today with the high in the 50's Just a gorgeous day!

            Boy its so hard to believe that this time next month it will be Christmas!Unbelievable to me!Yes ltb dinner was so easy & yummy to make with yesterday;s leftovers.,

            We had turkey croquettes,potato patties,green beans w/bacon & a piece of pumpkin pie w/fresh whipped cream.It was nummy!