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  • Soup and Sandwich Time

    Next Saturday I am hosting a Soup and Sandwich time for the neighborhood after our annual homeowners' meeting. The meeting will be at another neighbor's house and since meetings make you hungry, I decided on this get together. There will probably be about a dozen people here so not too overwhelming since not everyone can attend at my house. We are a very small neighborhood. I was going to buy the sub bread, all the meats (Boars Head) and cheeses and put together the sandwiches but decided I will get 6 large subs made and quarter them plus some croissants with either tuna or egg salad. I will make three different soups - tomato basil, homemade chicken soup and chili (does that qualify as a soup?) plus all the toppings. Neighbors will bring some small desserts. All the years that this Association has had annual meetings, they have always been in November. I have the perfect fall plates that look like burnt orange marble but now the meeting had to be pushed to December due to not all Board Members able to attend a November meeting. I am NOT bringing out Christmas dishes. So, my table will get put together this week with a fall leaf tablecloth, pumpkins and apple cider. I have small bowls in the shape of leaves for the toppings - perfect. I'm not ready for winter yet. I'm sure I will be re-elected Hospitality Chairwoman again but then that's my bag.

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    Sounds like you have it all planned and under control
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      I was trying to edit my post , but it wouldn't let me. So here I go again.
      I just wanted to say , since you posted that you are hospitality chairwoman for your neighborhood , that certainly explains why your are hosting all the neighborhood gatherings. And you are certainly doing a great job.
      your neighborhood certainly is lucky to have you.


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        It sounds delicious. Here I am trying to find the perfect bar ware for Coquitos for Christmas morning.


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          Your menu sounds very delish!I think your fall decor/eating utensils sound delightful & perfectly appropriate for early/middle December.You're going to nail it!


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            Vera... I would so love to join in on one of your soirées. I know it won't happen but I can dream... I made soup a couple of days ago to give to Julia. She's vegetarian so I used vegetable stock and added carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato and a small amount of celery. The only flavourings I used were salt, black pepper and cumin. I kept one bowl for myself and it was really good.

            I'd love to see photos of your tables if you get time.
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              Chayote - I will take a picture and send to you on Saturday right before my guests arrive. You can post it here if you like. My table is very "Fall" like. Not ready for Christmas yet but that table is coming later.