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November 28th Dinner Post

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  • November 28th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is dark and cloud covered with the high of 44 and the low of 36.

    I have peppers and onions, a lot, sliced up and will put those along with some chicken in the oven for roasting and putting on tortillas along with shredded cheese and toasting on my griddle pan. DGS loves them when I make them, and they are easy enough.

    What will be your Monday night dinner?
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    It is dark and cloud covered high 46 low 34.
    Joe is looking a breaded oyster sandwich there's one burger left. I'll have that. I'll make some parm potato wedges and a veggie. Made some choc chip oatmeal bars last night.


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      Yucky day out there. I started my Christmas baking...hubby's fav gingerbread cookies...I didn't plan well as I was going to carry on and bake something for our Legion Xmas bake sale this Sat, only to discover I was out of many ingredients. But I forgot....when we had the issue with flying squirrels/mice, I threw out a ton of baking items. Anyhoo, I do have some cranberries to use up and have enough flour to make a batch of cranberry/lemon muffins for the guys to take for their coffee breaks for a few days.
      Dinner will be simple...frozen veal cutlets, Lipton's SideKicks noodle and mixed veg
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        Hubs is working down south today and wont be home until late. I have meatballs in the crockpot for subs.


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          Looooonnnnggg day today. We left this morning about 7:45 am, stopped by my granddaughters home in Lake Isabella and hit the road. We hit a few nasty construction sites on Hwy 99 that really slowed us up, we probably should have gone across to I-5, but we finally got through it. We stopped in Redding for the night at the Comfort Suites, very nice place I’ve stayed before. We got Abby settled in and went to the Hilltop Diner right around the corner for dinner. We found out Steve’s flight that was scheduled for tomorrow evening has been delayed until Wednesday morning, so he’s going to get a hotel near the airport tomorrow night and I’ll go on home.

          I had country fried steak, mashed potatoes and honey roasted corn and garlic bread along with a strawberry milkshake. Holy cats it was all delicious! Steve had a burger and fries. We’re in for the night and it’s going to be an early to bed night for me.​