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December 6th Dinner Post

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  • December 6th Dinner Post

    It is overcast and dark out with a good chance of rain. The high will be the same as yesterday 48 and the low the same also of 40.

    I got a good laugh with DGS and the potato soup. I went out so I could put some in fridge and some in the freezer and he was at the counter and had already packaged up most of it for the freezer. I said that not much was left for another meal and his comment was "I am making sure this gets frozen, a lot, as this is the best potato soup you have ever made." I guess he was afraid my next batch might not meet good standards like he thinks this one did. I will agree as I wing things so much, that, and use different seasonings and ingredients that my food can be different from one go round till the next. Good thing I made 4 quarts so there was plenty left.

    I have a roast, carrots, onions and will add potatoes into the crockpot a little later, baked custard have a new cake I am thinking of trying out. It is a small one and very simple making.

    What will be your dinner tonight?
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    Gray, gloomy and drizzly. High 43 low 38
    But... I am a happy camper. First day back to knit group since Sept 20th.
    Joe will want fish but nope we're going to have chicken sandwiches. Maybe next time. When the " I want something sweet" hits we'll have pears and cottage cheese.


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      Gloomy for us too
      I lit my indoor Christmas lights as well as a few candles, that sure helped lift the dreariness!
      DS msg'd me this morn and asked what my dinner plans were, he's offering to BBQ some steaks for dinner tonite - sure sounds great to me! Sides of sauteed mushrooms/onions/green peppers, I will make a small garden salad and I will chunk up potatoes, season well for the airfryer.
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        Instant pot chicken and brown rice loaded with veggies. I paid off the Corvette today so maybe some celebration ice cream too.


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          It’s a cold and cloudy day and in the last half hour or so it has started to sprinkle a bit. I’m very happy to stay warm and dry in the house. I had a long chat with a friend this afternoon, she’s the mom of a lady I worked with years ago and she and I hit it off like long lost friends when we met several years ago and we connect frequently. Other than that I’ve just been goofing off most of the day.

          I’m going to heat up the rest of the teriyaki beef and stir fry some zucchini and onion with some of the leftover brown rice tonight.​