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Anyone doing Christmas baking?

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  • Anyone doing Christmas baking?

    I have started late this year. I usually bake the same things every year. I've been having a hard time tho dealing with carpal tunnel and arthritis in my thumb/same hand. But I've managed to do a batch of shortbread cookies and gingerbread men, today I rolled the peanut butter balls. I really would like to do some sugar cookies, but we shall see. I still have to do a pan of Nuts & Bolts. That will come soon as I don't like to do them too soon as they tend to lose there yummy taste if done to early. I used to make up cookie bags for friends and neighbours, but with prices of ingredients so high, that will have to be put on hold for a bit, sadly.
    A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands

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    I haven’t started baking yet, but then I only do one kind of cookie. I’ll probably start next week, I’m making some for the neighbors, the family of the kids that take my trash out for me, my hairdresser, and Jeremy who does my yard work. He invited me to a gathering at his mother’s house where they all bake and decorate cookies on the 17th, should be lots of fun!


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      I will do some baking this week hopefully.


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        None this year. We are doing the kids get together Sunday and I usually make the most amazing cinnamon rolls. They take 2 days to make with all the rise times and are labor intensive. I just dont feel like it so I am making some I saw on tik tok. I always make biscuits and gravy for our sing ding, holy cow the price of a can of biscuits is stupid.


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          Not much so far. Some mini cranberry bread. Hoping to do cookies next week. Still in the slow process of moving. Spending time at both places. It’s confusing! lol