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December 10th Dinner Post

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  • December 10th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Have I ever said I do not like technology? I mean I do not like it!!! This laptop was being difficult and after about a half hour DGS walked it and asked why I was staring out the window looking like a thunder cloud. He started laughing and asked what I had done, I glared at him, got up and walked away. About 3 minutes later he called me back and had the screen up and running. What, why and how was the problem and solution I have no idea even with him telling me. Give me yarn or food and I can whip something up without directions, but this drives me nuts and makes me a major frustrated grouch.

    Ok, onto something more pleasant. It is overcast at the moment and will be cloudy all day with the high of 42 and the low of 38.

    I do believe that chipped beef gravy on toast, scrambled eggs and the last of the bananas in jello will be dinner.

    What will you be having?
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    I seem to be preparing meals all day as John is having to graze. Still, it's better to have him home for the next 11 days. Tonight I cooked him some minced steak with added carrots and peas and served with a potato. His dessert was some fresh cherries. I turned part of the minced steak into pasta sauce and had spaghetti followed by mixed summer berries, strawberries and icecream.

    It was a stinking hot day so we stayed inside with the airconditioning on. It's cooled off now and expected to be cooler tomorrow. I need to go to Bunnings Hardware store to pick up some storage bins with lids. Some of the cardboard cartons I used to pack fabrics have collapsed and need to be repacked into bins. Julia wants to take Hannah out for a couple of hours so we are meeting them somewhere (probably Maccas) halfway between our homes. I will be doing all the driving until John has his surgery.
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      A sun shiny day! Bitterly cold tho. Our town is having it's Santa Claus parade this evening, we will have to dress extra warm.
      I have a crockpot of chili on the go, Ty, Cassie & Kian are coming out later for dinner, parade and a sleep-over.
      I've been going crazy trying to clean this house, it's been a mess since we've been painting, and hubby is trimming out the windows in porch etc. A good clean was long over due. I still haven't got myself cleaned up yet tho lol...need to wash my hair and put on some make-up and regular clothes.
      We have been invited next door to our SIL BIL house for some pre parade drinks, so that should be fun! No doubt we will end up back there afterwards too!
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        We are going downtown to the casino for dinner and to see the Christmas lights.


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          It’s been in the low 40’s most of the day and it’s sprinkled on and off all day as well. It looks like I’m going to need to get a new 6’x8’ fence panel, the wind knocked down the one I had tied back up last month and it’s splintered in a few places. I’ll just order one from Home Depot and get either my neighbor or Jeremy to put it in place. I probably need a whole new fence but that’s going to have to wait for awhile.

          I’m trying out a recipe for slow cooker chili lime Mexican shredded beef tonight along with a batch of cilantro lime Basmati rice and some corn. It smells heavenly!​