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December 15th Dinner Post

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  • December 15th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is dark with rain moving in later today and it will be off and on and Mr.Windy is back for another day of making the trees bend and my bones feel every gust and ears hear the howling.

    I am using the last of the sloppy joe mixture for calzones, a salad and chocolate pudding.

    What will be your dinner this evening?
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    Holy smokes, we have a storm rolling in....seems that it may be worse to the south of us which sucks cuz DD and hubby were to come up for the holidays, it may be delayed...and also a bit scary...DD having something unusual going on with heart/chest...waiting on getting in to cardiologist which who knows when that will be? ugh.
    I dipped some more of my Oreo balls in chocolate this aft...tried new ones made with mint cookies, and boy are they ever good! Was going to make more shortbread cookies but my hand is not good today. Went and got my hair cut today! Got 7 inches cut off! Think I was getting a bit too old to have long hair lol!
    Tonite I made a large dish of tater tot casserole, lots left for tmo.
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      It was so frosty this morning! It didn’t melt off until about 10:30 am. I made a quick run to Haggen to pick up a couple items and some really nice insulated, zippered reusable grocery bags to use as gift bags for the cookies. I didn’t do any baking today, will do more tomorrow.

      I’m trying out a recipe for artichoke chicken casserole tonight and I’m going to bake a potato to go with it. I’ll post the recipe after dinner if it comes out good.​


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        I went to bed very early last night, before this thread had started. John sleeping all day is taking a toll on me. As well as general housework, I'm trying to wrap Christmas gifts and get them sent out by courier. Just learned that Gordon's gift has been delivered to him. I included a handwritten 2-page letter bringing him up to date with all our news. His gift this year is a Build-a-Bear dressed in his football team and a packet of each of his favourite sweet biscuits/cookies. It only took two days to be delivered to his nursing home in Melbourne. I was impressed.

        John's appetite has increased so I need to make sure he doesn't put on weight before his surgery. Seems like I worry when he's losing weight and worry if he puts it on.

        For dinner he had a small steak and a potato, both cooked on the BBQ, and some peas. He had some watermelon and then came back for icecream.
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          Chayote. Sounds encouraging that his appetite has picked up. He will need strength for his surgery. I may have missed it but what are docs planning on doing in this surgery?