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  • December 30th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    As I was driving home yesterday with the window about a third of the way down, I was thinking how things can change so quickly. One day it was a wind chill of -30 and four days later it was sunny and almost at 50 and I was wearing a lightweight long- sleeved top. People are still lost and being looked for and others are frozen in their houses and so many still without electric and many died in the storm. I felt guilty that I was in nice weather and the worst I had was a dead car battery.

    The sky is getting darker, and the clouds are a very dark gray with rain moving in with off and on showers today with the high of 55 and the low of 45.

    I got a rotisserie chicken yesterday so I will use some if it tonight for a chicken and rice casserole, carrots and Waldorf salad.

    What will be your dinner tonight?

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    It's 54 right now. Crazy. Sprinkles off and on. Low in high 40s.
    I saw on the news about expecting to find more deceased as snow melts. It's devastating
    I really really want pizza. So I'm going to make a bubble pizza.


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      It’s been gray and cloudy today and there was some light wind that made the 50 temperature feel a lot colder. I did a grocery and Rite Aid run today for sale items I needed. QFC (Kroger) had Progresso Soup on sale for $1.49 a can if you bought 5 or more so I stocked up. They also had flank steaks on a buy one get one free deal, so I got 2 of them. Rite Aid had 750 ml bottles of Maker’s Mark bourbon on sale for $23.99 and since I ran completely out of that making cookies I figured I’d better get a bottle. After I got home I made a batch of chicken salad and some Ranch dip.

      I’m going to have a Tarragon chicken salad sandwich on a croissant and I’m going to have a small Caesar salad with it.​


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        I hardly even know what day it is. This virus is the worst. Me and hubs spent Wednesday in bed, I got up next day, kinda...had a shower, tidied up a bit, hubby got up and did same. Went back to bed. Trying to pick thru leftover Christmas dinner to eat and put away in freezer. Had some for dinner last nite, right back to bed. Got up this morn....I did not feel too bad, so decided to make the breakfastI was going to make Christmas morning when we had no, I did that, we picked away at it. Tonites dinner was again, leftover sandwiches, french fries in AF and some mixed frozen vegs. Back to bed.
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          Oh man Mudder I am truly sorry to hear this. Hoping you and hubby are better really quick. Ugh