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December 31st Dinner Post

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  • December 31st Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Another year ends tonight and a new one starts tomorrow. Here is praying the world improves for a better life for all and the world can live in peace.

    It is a dark and a gray looking sky with a rain being the main component for today. The high will be 53 and the low of 38 but that is still acceptable in my book.

    DGS just left with a lot of munchies and some subs we made for spending the day and evening with a group of his friends playing cards, video games, watching movies and just having nice time in safety and not out risking life and limb with all the drunk people driving. I just hope he makes it home safely.

    You guessed it, I kept a sub for myself for my dinner tonight along with some raw veggies. I doubt that I will be up at midnight but then again, maybe I will.

    How will you bring in the new year and what will be your dinner?
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    He drew a circle that shut me out.
    But love and I had the wit to win,
    We drew a circle that took him in.

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    It's drizzly, gray. High 51 low 38.
    it's a quite, boring day and eve here. We watch the ball drop. He goes to his room and I go to mine. WOOHOO
    Haven't decided but leaning toward breaded tenderloins, french fries in the af and some kind of salad or veggie.


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      Such a dismal day
      We are up & about, taking it slow. Of course no plans for tonite, we don't usually do anything big on NYE...sometimes weather permitting have a bonfire down at the lake. Me and hubs were supposed to look after Kian for the nite as Mom & Dad are off to the city for a wedding. But, Kian will still be looked after by family as a lot of Cassie's family will be having a gathering at their cottage....just so happens to be right beside our family property. We 'may' wonder down to lake later on and say hello and Happy New Year to all from a distance!
      Not much up to cooking, so I'm just going to make some weiner wraps for dinner, DS has a pizza to finish up.
      Happy New Year to you all, wishing you a healthy 2023!
      A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands


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        Oh my goodness my yard is a giant mud pit with all the snow that melted and the rain. I wish it would freeze because I have mopped so much today! On the plus side potty training is going well with the new puppy, so at least I am mopping mud and not pee.

        I had a bogo Subway coupon so thats what we got. Not very exciting or very good but it was easy.


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          Wow, last day of 2022. This has been a tough one for me with lots of new challenges. I woke up this morning with a nasty headache but it has mostly gone away now, thank goodness. It’s cool and dark cloudy today, should be interesting to see if it rains tonight. Fireworks on NYE are a thing here so I’ll be keeping Abby and Mendi in and as calm as possible. I’ll probably still be awake at midnight, I usually am.

          I’m going to have my semi-traditional shrimp cocktail ring with some potato chips and either dip or salsa with it and a Teddy’s root beer.​