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January 6th Dinner Post

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  • January 6th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Yes, we are back into the rain and dark and dreary along with snow visiting later this evening. The high will be 48 and the low of 29.

    I pulled chicken from the freezer yesterday and that is in the crockpot along with carrots, onions, garlic and parsnips. Pickled beets sound good so that will join the rest of the food for dinner.

    What delightful meal will you be eating tonight?
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    But love and I had the wit to win,
    We drew a circle that took him in.

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    Gloomy gray 32 high 39.
    I made it downstairs to the freezer yesterday. That in itself is a victory lol.
    Just put a pork butt in the oven, with carrots & onion. Will add potatos later.


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      I had leftover curry for lunch and my supper will be sparse at best.

      Frankie, my little dog is half asleep on the back of my loveseat and I am exhausted too. I think I need more coffee to keep me awake.


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        Babysitting day today! Had so much fun with our little guy. I do a bit of goofy play with Kian, and today I was raising my eyebrows up at him, kept it going and he was watching me trying to do it back, but the closest he could get was to stick his tongue in and out, I howled laughing and he was laughing with me, so funny!
        Finishing up some leftover over turkey divan for dinner tonite
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          It’s been kind of chilly and breezy today. I did a quick grocery run this morning and then got a much needed haircut. I had cancelled one for December 21 because I was snowed in and this was the first week I had a chance. Another few days and my bangs would have resembled a sheepdog. After I got home I did some tidying and dusting.

          I’m going to make some Bul Gogi potstickers and some edamame pods for dinner.​