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January 8th Dinner Post

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  • January 8th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Another dark and dreary morning with the high of 39 and the low of 26 with the chance of snow waiting in the wings so it can make its appearance off and on today.

    I am taking the leftover broccoli and making cheese and broccoli soup adding in some bacon, open faced grilled cheese toast, and I have 2 crockpots of applesauce going from apples that were gifted. One will be cooked on down for apple butter that both DGS and I both love and the applesauce one will be some for dinner some in the fridge and the rest frozen. The aroma is great!

    Dinner for your home will be?
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    I’m planning to make. Tacos for my dinner. I would rather just crawl in the bed and sleep.

    enjoy your day.


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      livetobake: Your house must smell sooooo divine! I love apple butter, believe it or not tho, I have not had homemade. I discovered Smuckers apple butter at a Bob Evan's on one of our trips to Florida. Before heading back home, I stocked up on 8 jars lol!

      Quite a chilly day and overcast...I have candles lit and my twinkle lights on around my living room window to make it cozy.
      DS has offered to BBQ steak for dinner...I will make a caesar salad, saute mushrooms/onions and will have baked potatoes with sour cream and chives. yummmmm
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        It's been gray all day. It's 38 now. Suppose to get rain, snow and freezing rain tonight. Yuck. I was going to go to grocery today but took a nap instead.
        We've eaten pork roast, potatos and carrots for 2 days. We're going to eat it again but in a different form. Pork manhattans. Made lots of gravy so that will use up most of it. Made brownies last night.


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          Cold and rainy most of the day today. It’s not heavy rain but you’ll get very wet if you’re out there for more than a few minutes. There wasn’t anything that really needed to be done today so I watched “Glass Onion” on Netflix this afternoon. It was quite enjoyable. It’s got a great cast in it.

          I’m going to make a recipe I found over 20 years ago on the old Top Secret Recipes chat board. It’s pork tenderloin with olive and caper sauce. I’m making baked brown rice and some mixed vegetables to go with it.​