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January 11th Dinner Post

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  • January 11th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    And the beat goes on with another cloudy morning with the high of 47 and the low of 45 with rain moving in later today.

    DGS totally loved the meatball subs yesterday and said the homemade buns made them the best thing he thinks he has ever eaten. He loved the meatballs asked how I made them so he will get a cooking lesson on them soon. He wants a rerun for tonight and that is fine with me. I will let him help with the buns tonight and will show him how I made the buns into garlic bread and then put the meatballs, sauce and cheese on them. It did make them so full of flavor.

    What will be your meal tonight?
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    It's supposed to be sunny most of the day. High 45 low 30.
    nothing sounds good and my gut is a bit distressed ??? Anyway thinkin baked spaghetti. That could change


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      Been a long week of high temperature days. According to the weather bureau, we are in for the continuance of the heat wave for another week. I have to go out on Friday and the forecast is for 106f... 41C. The car will be as hot as hades because it's parked outside with no shade. It does have airconditioning, thank God.

      I spent the day doing menial tasks around the house and I trimmed the hair of a newly adopted Cabbage Patch kid. She was in good condition but her woolen hair needed a quick trim.

      Dinner tonight was corned silverside, mashed potato and peas. Dessert was icecream and mixed berries fresh from the freezer.
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        Chayote: holy cow those are some hot temps!!!! We have had -21 over night the last few days, so far our winter has been exceptionally mild, even the lakes have not frozen over yet.

        Have a few leftover meat patties for hubby's dinner tonite, he wants some more AF french fries, they come out so good! I am going to have a turkey Hungry Man dinner and DS is going out for wings with some buddies.
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          It’s been a pleasant weather day so far, but there are some dark clouds coming in from the west now. The forecast for the next few days is wet and windy. Not a lot going on today, although I increased my Cubii routine to 3000 steps. I played it smart, I grabbed my book and read while I was doing it, not nearly as boring that way. I’ve been reading the latest in the Outlander series and I have to say that I’m not finding it easy to get this one read. I’ve been plugging away at it since the end of October and I’m only 300 pages into the 900 plus pages in the book. I hate to say it, but it’s kind of boring. I may just put it aside for awhile and read something a bit more compelling.

          I’m going to heat up the rest of the pork medallions with olive and caper sauce, some brown rice and make a small salad to go with it.​


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            Originally posted by MudderBear View Post
            Chayote: holy cow those are some hot temps!!!! .
            MudderBear... the forecast for Saturday and Tuesday are even worse. Each of those days are set to be 108f ! Tuesday is our day out but I'm hoping that John will agree to miss it for this next week...
            Effort only fully releases its rewards after a person refuses to quit.

            Napoleon Hill