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Where to buy pasta flour online???

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  • Where to buy pasta flour online???

    I just bought an electric pasta maker. I want to make homemade pasta again but my hands are too bad to do it anymore so I have a good excuse for a new gadget. Our small town grocery store doesn’t have any type of specialty flour for pasta and when we were in the nearest small city I couldn’t find it at two stores that I went to. I want to try Durham wheat flour. The only place I could think to look for it online is the King Arthur website. Does anyone know of any other sources that I can order from? Thanks!

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    Try Amazon! I just check and they have quite a few choices for duram wheat pasta flour and they ship and deliver quickly. Anytime I need hard to find products I order them from Amazon.


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      Thanks Charlene. I was hoping to avoid Amazon but I might have to get it there.


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        When I am trying to find a product that is hard to find, I too, go to Amazon. I live in a rural area but have a fantastic grocery store that is 17 miles away. And, if they don't have the product, that is a lot of wasted gas and time. I love Amazon but some items are just too difficult to find without expending a lot of time searching. If you found the flour on King Arthur, why wouldn't you just order it unless the amount is too large for you to use. Let us know how your pasta making goes.


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          Could you freeze flour ?


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            Sabine - Yes, you can freeze flour. I buy a seasoned flour that comes in a box called Kentucky Kernel and I do freeze the box and just use what I need when I need it.


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              I keep flour in the freezer all the time because I don’t use a lot of it and it gets bad if left at room temperature.