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January 18th Dinner Post

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  • January 18th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is overcast with rain moving in later this evening along with the high of 40 and the low of 37.

    Dinner will be potato and ham soup along with cornbread waffles and Waldorf salad.

    What will you be having this evening?
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    Mushroom and onion smother swiss steak. I usually make it with tomatoes and peppers but I had mushrooms to finish up.


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      We ran errands this afternoon, enjoying the cooler weather. On the way home we called in to a couple of OpShops. After Christmas is a good chance to find some bargains as people often donate gifts that they didn't like or need. I found a couple of nice items that I won't unpack until we move. That was the fun part of the day.

      Dinner for each of us was different again: John had bbq'd sausages, baked potato and onion and peas; I had ravioli with bolognaise sauce followed by a bowl of cantaloupe.
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        Cloudy, gray high 41 low 41. Rain starting soon with high winds. Can't really complain tho could be much worse for January
        I'M finally going to make the taco rice. We finished the cake so probably won't make anything for few days cause I can't stay out of sweet things anymore. I never wanted sweets in my younger days but now that I'm old that seems to be all I want.


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          Funny weather day...ended up being very nice and sunny in mid aft and I got out for another walk
          Today is cabbage rolls for dinner
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            It’s been a very rainy day today, good day to stay inside and stay warm. It looks like tomorrow will be dry, so Costco is still in the plans.

            I’m going to bake some Costco Ultimate Fish Sticks, have some brown rice with a little salsa verde and Cotija cheese and some marinated cucumber salad for dinner.​