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January 22nd Dinner Post

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  • January 22nd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Another overcast morning with the high of 36 and the low or 32 along with 2-3 inches of snow.

    Vegetable beef soup with grilled cheese sandwiches and DGS will have more chocolate pudding cake will be dinner.

    What will be your Sunday dinner?
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    As planned we went to IKEA today. We had lunch there before picking up our bookcase. I was amazed at the meals at such cheap prices. I had a piece of salmon and a side salad... John had pork ribs and mashed potato. Our bookcase was put into our Caddy for us. The staff were very helpful. A lot of our furniture for the new house will come from IKEA, mainly display cabinets to show off John's Lego collection.

    Having had a meal for lunch we only needed something light for dinner. I cooked bacon and eggs for John; I had a salad with bacon.
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      I have chili in my refrigerator that I will most likely heat up for myself. Frankly I am already worn out and would love to just go to bed and read.

      enjoy your day


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        It’s been lightly raining on and off all day today and generally just dreary outside. I got about half the laundry done and some general tidying too. I started a new book last night, Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, looks interesting. I’m reading it because the local MeetUp group is having a book club meeting on this book at the end of March that I signed up to go to. I’m still working on the newest Outlander book, but it really isn’t holding my attention. At this rate I may finish it by Christmas.

        I’m going to have more of the shrimp and orzo dish I made and have some salad with it.​