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January 26th Dinner Post

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  • January 26th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is so dark and almost foggy out along with lake effect snow moving in as the day progresses into tomorrow. The high of 33 and the low of 23.

    I made extra potatoes and extra green beans along with gravy so I could morph it into a casserole with the meat, veggies and gravy covered with mashed potatoes and cheese. Corn will be added in for extra nutrition. Tapioca pudding will also be part of dinner.

    What is being served for your dinner?
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    We had a lovely day with our family. Charlie and his partner, Alice are in Adelaide and it was wonderful to see them. Last time we saw them was last June. They spent the afternoon in the pool to cool off.

    Dinner hit the spot with BBQ chicken, baked potatoes, coleslaw, home baked bread rolls and lots of other salads.
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      High of 27 the big scary snow storm turned into a total joke. 3 inches. Dentist called to reschedule Joe's appt. I just got home from town and I think the roads are worse now than during the "storm " wind is drifting snow on the road.
      we've had scalloped potatos for 2 days so going to do breakfast this eve for a break. We'll finish potatos tomorrow.


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        I don’t have a clue yet regarding dinner. I baked cookies but still don’t have an appetite for a meal. This is when I usually give up and make breakfast for dinner. I made tacos a few days ago and it just wasn’t what I wanted. I will likely bake a potato and go with that.


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          The weather turned out pretty nice, altho a bit colder. I did more paperwork and switched over a lot of accounts to paperless, that took some time, paid bills and got caught up. I had intended to go out for a walk and try out my new boots, but it got late and didn't bother.
          I put a little ham 'nugget' in the crock pot this morn with a glaze, it sure smelled good simmering away...sides of mashed potatoes and cauliflower/cheese sauce
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            It’s been quite cool and cloudy today. I did a quick Haggen grocery run early this afternoon. I was completely out of garlic and onions, that never happens! After I got back I did 4000 reps on my little elliptical thingy, same as yesterday. It does seem to be helping my leg strength and burns some calories too.

            I’m trying out a recipe for garlic and mushroom chicken thighs that sounds really good. I’ve got a shallot I need to use up so I’ll add that to the mushroom mixture. I’ll have some mashed potatoes with it.​