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January 28th Dinner Post

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  • January 28th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is another cloudy morning and day with the high of 39 and the low of 26.

    DGS will not be here for dinner, so I need a gourmet meal of toast with peanut butter and a dish of applesauce.

    What will be your gourmet meal tonight?
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    He drew a circle that shut me out.
    But love and I had the wit to win,
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    We got a bit more snow overnight. I was lazy this morning and woke up at 9am, hubby brought me coffee & toast in bed. I didn't want to get up lol, hubs said, take a day off and lounge in bed and watch TV/read...I was so tempted! I tried to get hooked up to Prime Video so I could watch The Girl On The Train, I saw it the other week and hubby said he'd like to watch it too. I fiddled away to no avail so decided to get up.
    I made a pot of chili for our dinner.
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      It’s turned out to be a beautiful and bright sunny day today, but it’s only 45 right now and it will be down into the mid 20’s later tonight and well into tomorrow. I plan on staying in and staying warm. I went down to the vet’s office to pick up Abby’s insulin this morning and then sat down and paid a bunch of bills. Not much else going on.

      I’m going to make the Stay At Home Chef’s recipe for green chile chicken enchiladas again tonight. I’m going to make a full batch and freeze a bunch of them for later. I’ll have some Caesar salad with it.​