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January 29th Dinner Post

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  • January 29th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It dark out with light rain and the high will be 40 falling throughout the day with 28 being the low tonight. The start of colder temperatures for the coming week.

    Being solo again tonight a loaded baked potato will be my dinner along with an orange.

    What will be your dinner tonight?
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    We have had a visit by our son, Charlie for the past week. He's been sleeping at Julia's house so he could see the children every day but tonight he shared dinner with us at our house. We had fish and chips from our local take-away and it was very good... always is from that shop. After dinner we took him back to Julia's house and he flies back to Melbourne tomorrow afternoon. His next visit will be after our house is finished and after my knee is swapped with the metal one... two things to look forward to and then his visit.

    Cooler weather for the rest of the week so I'm hopeful of finding somewhere to get my hair cut. It's driving me nuts!
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      It's gray, it's cloudy, it's drizzly. High 36 low 26. There's some very cold air on the way. Looks like highs will be in the 20s.
      I started a casserole last eve. The kids came in with maid rites so I stuck the dish in the fridge and ate maid rites. I will finish casserole assembly for this eve. It is called BLT casserole but I don't see any L on it. ??? Made it many times. It's tasty. I'll post in t&t.


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        It is a spectacularly beautiful day today! Clear and sunny and views for miles. We’re supposed to get some freezing weather in the next few days but it sure doesn’t feel like it now. I had some robins in the back yard today and Mendi was watching them very closely. I sure hope she doesn’t catch any. When I made the enchiladas last night I made a full batch, so this afternoon I got them into Food Saver bags and got them frozen so that I’ve got 3 more meals with them. They were so good! I was looking through the TV listings for today and I saw that one of our favorite old movies, Johnny Dangerously, is going to be on HBO at midnight tonight. I’m going to record it, we did quotes from that movie for decades! When I was still working for Hoodman one of the owners said one of the quotes and I burst out laughing and said “Johnny Dangerously, right?” It cracked him up that I’d even heard of it.

        I’m going to have more of the garlic and mushroom chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner.​


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          We got up early to go to town to see our grandson in his 'Tumble Tots' class which he loves...only to find out it was cancelled..darn! Anyhoo, we proceeded to go to town and visit with them and have coffee. Kian was so funny...Momma was asking him where his belly button, eyes etc were, and he kept coming over to us like he was trying to poke our eyes out....belly button, he was pointing to the label on his overalls, lol. We got a laugh out of that. We took him to Walmart, walking the aisles, and funny, he found the toy aisle...and of course he came home with a new little truck, Dadda did that not us!
          Got home and hubby had to plow AGAIN! re-loaded wood stove, I lit the candles, put on my little twinkle lights to brighten the house up, did a few chores then sat down around 4 to have a few drinks while guys were watching hockey and football. Pretty cozy.
          Dinner was easy....leftover chili.
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