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  • January 30th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    I woke up and see we have a dusting of snow covering roof tops and the ground making it a cold and snowy morning. The high will be 30 and the low a bitter low 18.

    I pulled porkchops from the freezer last night for dinner tonight along with mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and Waldorf salad.

    What will be your delicious meal for your dinner tonight?
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    Burrr snow flurries 29 temps falling all day to a low of 13 tonight. Had freezing drizzle overnight. Roads are slick, but I'm heading to sisters later. Hopefully salt will have done it's thing by then.

    This would be a good day for chili or taco soup but we're going to finish the casserole. Maybe tomorrow, it's still gonna be cold.


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      Brrrr! getting more winter like weather these days here as well. Long range for us is high of -21 on Friday, low -30. And darn, that is the wknd of our town's winter carnival.
      I can't believe this - hubby and I both woke up with stuffy noses this morn, along with lots of sneezing, guess we are not totally free of this bug yet, uness we've caught something else.
      It is our eldest son's 41st BD today and some of the family is going to hook up for dinner and/or drinks. Just hope weather doesn't get any worse or that me and hubs don't feel any worse lol!
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        I planned on doing errands today but the half inch of snow we got is covering a layer of ice. Hubs said stay home because the roads are slippery. At least I got all my cleaning done. I sat down to watch This is Us and got half through the new episode before I was ugly crying. I will have to finish it later when I am more prepared. I am not a crier either but it really tugged the heart strings.

        Cleaning out odds and ends from the fridge since we are going to the lake house later this week. I had 4 green peppers to use up so stuffed pepper soup it is.


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          It was frosty here this morning! I went to the grocery store around noon and the views were quite beautiful. I got home and got the vacuum out and herded up all the dog and cat hair, that seems to be a never ending job in my house. I still wonder why those animals aren’t bald.

          I found a recipe online this morning that jumped out and said “this is dinner!”, I already had everything but the portabello mushrooms for it. It’s creamy Italian sausage and orzo soup with mushrooms and spinach. It sounds perfect for a cold night. I’ll post it after dinner if it comes out good. I might make some garlic toast with it.​
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