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February 2nd Dinner Post

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  • February 2nd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    I see a sparkle in the sky that is sending rays of sunbeams and beautiful rays of sunshine bathing the land. My heart is smiling seeing it. I will enjoy every ray as tomorrow will be a frigid one. The high today will be 37 and the low of 12 with winds gusting around 25 mph.

    I am heading for the dentist shortly so have thought ahead and have yogurt and made egg salad for sandwiches or just eating from a bowl. DGS can have egg salad and go from there or whatever he feels like making.

    What will your dinner tonight?
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    I am going to BW3 tonight for wings, then I have errands to run. Dr. Pepper has a new strawberries and cream zero sugar flavor and it is so good!


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      Thanks for letting me know about the strawberries and cream Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper also has cream soda and Dr. Pepper combo that has absolutely no flavor to it. You can't even taste the cream soda so hoping this new one is decent. Polar used to put out diet Cream Soda in a quart size bottle and it was so good but now gone. Their Dry Orange is still available at Wegmans.


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        I am clueless on dinner. I will head for the kitchen soon and try to build some enthusiasm for cooking. I have polish sausage I can grill. Not much enthusiasm for that so I may change to something else.


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          It’s been cloudy all day today, looks like there will be rain for a few days starting tomorrow. It’s been a relaxing day today, nothing urgently needing to be done at all. My biggest accomplishment of the day was getting a dental appointment for next week.

          Tonight I’m joining the MeetUp group at Thai Thai restaurant in Stanwood. I’ve been wanting to go so this should be fun.​


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            It's been very cool today with very strong wind and torrential rain. Almost unheard of in South Australia in Summer. Before the wind and rain, I had put a pork roast into the BBQ to cook for dinner. From then on it was a battle to get it cooked. The wind kept blowing out the gas so I quickly put the roast into the airfryer while I heated the oven. I *never* cook meat in my oven so it was really the last resort. Took ages to work out how to get the oven working because the wind had split a tree further up our road and in turn shut the power off. Once the power was restored, the settings on the oven had to be installed by me... without an instruction manual and the printing around the knobs worn off. Finally got the pork cooked in time for dinner. John had roast pork, mashed potato, peas and gravy. I had the remaining Vietnamese salad. It wasn't as good as when first made so in future I'll make sure I don't keep it in the fridge for beyond one day.

            Just heard on our news programme that snow was falling in Tasmania and in the snow fields in Victoria and New South Wales. Crazy weather when the fronts come directly off Antarctica.
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