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February 5th Dinner Post

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  • February 5th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    The sun is shining, weak, but shining. It will be windy but getting warmer which is a wonderful feeling when stepping outside as the high will be 44 and the low of 30.

    Tonight will be a melody of leftovers that DGS will enjoy.

    Your Sunday dinner will be?
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    We spent today at home relaxing. We have a crazy week ahead of us with several commitments each and every day. I'm starting tomorrow with grocery and greengrocery deliveries. After that I'm having a much needed haircut and as soon as that's finished, we need to go to our daughter's home to sit with the children. Dinner is an unknown at this stage. I'm sure that Julia will have something organised.

    For dinner tonight we had steak cooked on the BBQ. John had cauliflower chips, fried eggs and grilled onion. I had alfalfa sprouts, cauliflower chips and potato.
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      Not as cold 40ish but strong winds making it feel much colder.
      we too are having a medley of leftovers.


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        Tonight must be leftover medley night!

        It’s been cool and cloudy all day with occasional light showers. I’ve been purging some files most of the afternoon, never fun but very satisfying when finished. Not much else happening today.

        I’m going to have the other fish fillet in creamy butter sauce and the rest of the quinoa and brown rice along with more of the coleslaw I made yesterday. I’m going to have an orange creamsicle for dessert too!​