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February 10th Dinner Post

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  • February 10th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is dark and dreary out at the moment with the high a chilly 39 and the low of 25. After the beautiful day yesterday with such a mild temperature and sitting outside crocheting for a couple hours, today is a real reminder that winter is still here.

    Leftovers from last night will be consumed tonight with the hamburger meat I used for the hamburgers I also made up some sloppy joe mixture for tonight. Everything else is the same.

    What will be your dinner for tonight?
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    Change of plans...we came to our DS/DIL to look after Kian today.
    We were aiming on getting take-out fish & chips for dinner tonite after the guy's hockey, if that plan fails then I will do the veal cutlets.
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      I'm staying up tonight until I catch up on the laundry. Last load in washing now and I've hung all the wet clothes on my clothes horses. Done for another week.

      We had a nice dinner tonight. I bought a pork schnitzel from the local butchers and it was enough for both of us. John had mashed potato, peas and onion with his; I had a salad made from cucumber, lettuce, onion and alfalfa.

      This afternoon we had an appointment with a mobility specialist so we can finally buy our scooters. Sadly I purchased the wrong vehicle as there's no way that two scooters will fit in the Caddy. We don't think we'll have difficulty selling it. We need to buy a long wheel base Toyota Hi-Ace and have an electronic lift installed. Fortunately there are a few for sale in South Australia. We are looking forward to being able to travel once John is feeling better.
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        I may cook this evening and make a Salisbury Steak. However, I suspect I will pour Boost over ice and go with that. I had a late lunch and my appetite is zero.

        I’m heading to the beach on the East coast this summer so I have been busy trying to get ready for that. I wound up ordering a new bathing suit and coverup. Tried them on today and very happy bought them. I have lost weight and the previous suit would have been way to big.


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          Started gray and cloudy this morning 35 now it's sunny & near 40 very little wind. Thank GOD.
          I had running to do today. I found some Italian lasagna in the freezer with a toss salad. Yay easy peasy. Made a choc cake with choc icing last eve YUMMMM one of my favs.


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            It’s been a really nice Spring-like day today, sunny and still in the low 50’s. I finished the book Life After Life by Kate Atkinson this afternoon. It was a very interesting story, but sometimes a bit confusing until about the last third of it. I’ve started back on the latest one in the Outlander series, but honestly, I’m just not enjoying it as much as previous books. I’ve rarely ever given up on a book but I might have to make an exception for this one.

            I’m going to make Mongolian ground beef and noodles and some roasted asparagus for dinner.​