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February 15 Dinner Post

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  • February 15 Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    As the clouds move out and the sun rules the sky the temperature will rise into spring like weather with the high of 65 and the low of 45. The downside is gusting winds of 40-50 miles per hour.

    Dinner tonight will be BBQ chicken sandwiches, baked beans, deviled eggs and a fruit salad.

    What will you be having on this Wednesday?
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    Our weather today sounds exactly like yours.
    Joe's not to excited about my pick for supper but that's ok. Lol. Saw a recipe for big Mac casserole. Kind of a take on a tater tot casserole. We'll see????


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      It was a hot and bothered kind of day today. I asked John to put the AC on this morning and I'm not sure what he did, but it didn't work properly. I ended up having to reset and whole system and by then it was over 100f inside the house. It eventually worked and cooled the house down. The next two days are even hotter and I'm hoping to stay home.

      Our dinner was great tonight. We both had lamb loin chops that I cooked on the BBQ; John had baked potato, onion and peas (as usual) and I had duchess potatoes and sweet corn.

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        It’s been a beautiful day today, clear and sunny. I’ve still got a couple of little patches of snow that are in shady spots that haven’t melted yet. I’ve been busy in the house doing the usual stuff, it’s hard to believe one little dog and one big cat can shed that much hair and not be bald! I love ‘em to pieces though.

        I’m going to make one of those salad kit bags, it’s elote corn chopped salad and I’m going to put some Costco rotisserie chicken in it that I took out of the freezer. Should be a tasty dinner along with a warm flour tortilla.​


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          Rainy day...we decided to go to town and pick up grocery specials.I am very stuffed up again,,,wth???? Anyhoo, go home and have lunch, put all our groceries away, and I'm still so stuffed up, I told hubby I was going to take a sinus pill... well I did, it was not a daytime one....I took night time and I was just a zombie all afternoon! I did manage to cook a small roast beef with taters, gravy and cauliflower.
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            Good evening everyone!

            Today was a gorgeous sunny day in the low 60's.

            For dinner tonight we had Moo's Chicken & rice casserole(So yummy!)boiled & buttered baby carrots,cranberry sauce & my mother's hot Snowdrop biscuits.It was very tasty!