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February 18th Dinner Post

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  • February 18th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is a wonderful sunny morning with the land aglow and the rays bouncing on the landscape. It will be a pleasant and sunny day with the high of 45 and the low of 35.

    Dinner will be toasted sub sandwiches, oven sweet potato fries and jello with fruit in it.

    And you are having?
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    Good morning. Bright and sunny and cold 28 and windy. high 35
    gave Joe 3 choices, Green beans/potatos/ham. Bubble and squeak, spaghetti (we didn't have spaghetti last time I posted. Changed my mind) he chose Greenbeans so that's what we'll have with fried corn bread.


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      Much more relaxed day today, thanks to a special friend who was happy to listen. I'm so relieved that an issue was resolved and can put it all behind me. Sometimes that's all it takes for everything to make sense...

      It was warm again today so I put the airconditioning on and settled into doing some ironing. I don't do it often but we both have clothes that absolutely need ironing before being worn. It's all done now... even ironed John's hankies and smiled when I saw one of my Dad's hankies in the pile.

      Dinner was different for each of us: John had bacon, two eggs, baked potato and baked onion; I had bacon, baked potato and salad. I'm really enjoying the fresh salad vegetables from the Adelaide Hills growers.

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      Napoleon Hill


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        Quiet morning here but chilly. Frankie and I have been lazy all mornin. He made his trip out thru his doggie door this morning and I didn’t miss going out on this chilly morning.

        I have spent way too much time deciding on a meal plan. I still don’t have a clue what to prepare. I suspect that a pot of soup or chili would be a good choice.


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          It’s been rainy most of the day today. I was out kind of early this morning, I went to the market on Camano Island to get some of their meat deals that were one day only. I went for tri-tip, but they were completely untrimmed and I would have been getting at least 5 pounds of fat to get the meat, so I didn’t buy those. I did get 4 beautiful USDA Prime chuck roasts though for $4.99 a pound. I also went to Del Fox again today because they had marinated and fully smoked flank steak for $10.99 a pound, so I bought a whole one. I’ll slice it up and seal it like I did the tri-tip from last week. I’ve just been relaxing the rest of the day.

          I’m going to make some smoked flank steak tacos for my dinner tonight and have some refried beans with them.​