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    I find it very interesting watching chefs taking pasta water after the pasta has cooked and adding it to sauce as it is cooking.
    I remember watching a friend rinse pasta after it was cooked to remove the extra starch and salt so her husband would be healthier
    Then I see all the extra salt being added as they cook along - did I miss something?

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    Adding pasta water to the sauce loosens the sauce if it is too thick - not required. I know most people add salt to the pasta water, but I don't. I never rinse my pasta unless it will be a cold salad. I know that you can rinse rice several times to help remove starch but am not familiar with rinsing cooked pasta to serve hot. It is kind of like using unsalted butter in baking and adding salt in the recipe. I guess it is more control on the salt. I'm sure there are better cooks here than me and may have a better explanation.