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February 21st Dinner Post

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  • February 21st Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Light rain possible this morning and then clearing up for a partly sunny sky with the high of 43 and the low of 30.

    Last night's dinner will be a repeat for tonight with a salad added and fruit.

    Please share what you are having tonight.
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    We had some snow this morn, and now the sun is shining
    We have Kian again today as he cannot go back to daycare until he's been on the antibiotics for 48 hours, he's been a great lil guy so far today!
    Well, pancakes and sausage is on our dinner menu tonit
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      Boy did we have wind last night! It sounded like low altitude jets flying right over my house all night. It blew my plastic lawn chairs across the yard, knocked over my gas grill again and the dog house and a very heavy patio chair. Fortunately it didn’t take any more fence panels down. I’m going to move the grill to the shed and maybe get rid of it. I don’t use it and it’s gotten pretty badly beaten up in the winds we’ve had. It’s been sprinkling on and off today, looks like more coming in from the west. Not much else happening here today.

      I’m going to make liver and onions with shiitake mushrooms, some steamed yellow squash and I took some sweet potato casserole I’d made out of the freezer to have with it.​


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        I made chili this evening. It was ok but not much appeal's to me. The weather was appropriate for the chili today. I spent way too much time this evening looking for my stamps but finally found them. I was paying bills and needed to find them. Darn stamps were move when my daughter and I worked on a baby shower poster. My Granddaughter and her hubby are expecting a baby girl soon.

        hope everyone is well