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February 24th Dinner Post

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  • February 24th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    A sunny day with the high of 29 and the low of 21.

    This is a good day for having the rest of the potato and leek soup along with ham loaf sandwiches.

    Your dinner will be?
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    It's sunny. High 38 low 27. I'm very happy the wind has died.
    I'm also thankful the beef/noodles are gone. That turned into alot of laughs. I screwed up putting in the last of the noodles in the bag. Home made noodles so lots of flour in the bottom of the bag. I didn't shake off the flour good enough. They were so thick had to add more broth. Shared with sister and neighbor. Then still had to add more broth. I felt like it was the pot with no end. They did taste really good tho so.... Neighbor said she would love some more, that helped
    We're just having big ol burgers (no bun) mac and cheese with tomatos in it. Some steamed broccoli/cauliflower


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      I am stumped on what to make for dinner, nothing sounds good. I might just go get sopes or fajitas.


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        Its a bright freeeezing day! I made a pot of chili for hubby, he wants to enter into one of the Legion's chili cook-offs. I'm not really in to that kinda thing, but hubs insisted I make a pot. I've always just thought my chili is just 'ho hum' Dinner will be cheeseburgers and some fries done in the AF.
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          It was absolutely gorgeous out today! Beautiful bright sunshine and spectacular views everywhere. It was very deceptive though because the high was only in the mid 30’s and you could sure feel it when you stepped out. I got my taxes done today, should get my refund in time to pay my property taxes after that I stopped at the drive up ATM at the bank and came home for a bit, then went back out again. Filled up my car with Safeway gas at $1 off a gallon, then stopped and picked up a few things I needed at Safeway and Haggen. I stopped and grabbed a quick small sandwich at Firehouse Subs, so dinner is pretty much done. If I get hungry I’ll make a can of soup.