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    Charlene - It seems to me that when you were in California, you had tiled floors. Did you use a Bissell machine to wash the floors? I am thinking of getting a machine for my kitchen floor. I have tile but it is just too large to scrub each individual tile. Did it do a good job scrubbing, if that is what it did? A few years ago, I bought a steamer cleaner for the floor, and it was absolutely useless. It wet the floor and that is about it. I finally threw it out after spending a little over $200 and it just didn't clean the floor well. So, I am thinking of investing in another machine if it does a good job. Thanks for any information.

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    Lol the house we are moving into has a lot of tile so I was thinking about a steam cleaner. I have the Bissel crosswave right now and its garbage. It cleans ok but a mop does a better job. Its coinvent that it vacuums as you mop so I do use it often. The problem is it stinks. I clean it really well every time I use it, I have extra brushes so they all get washed after every use, but it smells mildewy like a dirty dish rag. I store it in the garage so my house doesnt smell. I have used it on my bathroom tile and it doesnt really suck up water from the grout like I think it should.


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      Vera and muzette, I had terrazzo floors in CA and I used a Hoover Floor Mate on them and I thought it worked very well. It has a tank for the water and soap combo and it also sucks up all the dirty water too. I had one that I used to death for about 10 years and I immediately replaced it with a new one.


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        Thanks for the info, Charlene. There is also a Hoover Spin Scrub that I will look at. I just don't want to buy another appliance that will sit in the closet. I will read the reviews. Of course, there will always be pros and cons. Thanks again.