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March 4th Dinner Post

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  • March 4th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    We have a dusting of snow on the ground and rooftops with no accumulation expected. The high of 42 and the low of 33. It will mostly be cloudy with a slow clearing of the clouds letting the sun peek through.

    Sloppy joes along with baked beans, applesauce, slaw and a coconut cream pie will be dinner tonight.

    What will you be having?

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    Well, we got the snow in the nite, not as much as expected thank goodness...not sure what its like south of us, so hope that my family's travels up will be uneventful.
    Our lunch reservation is late - 2:00, so I do not expect we will be up for much at dinner time...we do have lots of homemade chicken soup in the fridge if we want that I guess.
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      Sunny with clouds coming this afternoon. High 50 low 30. I just spent an hour trying to catch a cat. She has punmonia, have to give her meds twice a day. Usually wouldn't be that hard but... 5 girl cats in heat and 2 males are here causing craziness. Ugh another week of this. ANYWAY
      we're having breakfast. Sausage, eggs, fried potatos and toast. Made a new quick bread. Cinnamon/pecan. It's very good. Will post in t&t


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        It was pouring this morning but it’s been clearing up a bit this afternoon. I was very happy to wake up this morning and find that my mouth isn’t really hurting at all. It’s tender and I’m being careful but I think it will heal pretty quickly. I finally got the furnace filter changed out today, very glad I have one of those hoop ladder stools to get to it. Sometimes being short is a PITA!

        I’m really not sure what dinner is going to be for me tonight, I’m thinking maybe some scrambled eggs mixed with Mexican cheese blend and some roasted green chiles and have some chilled canned pears on the side. Still going for soft stuff.​


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          I’ve been out most of the day for my Granddaughters baby shower. We had a nice time and wonderful food served. Mostly family came but we have a big family. I came home and made a cup of coffee and my other Granddaughters husband made her a cup when she got home.