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March 5th Dinner Post

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  • March 5th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is sunny with clouds lurking around but for the most part it is more sun then clouds at the moment. The high of 45 and the low of 33.

    The leftover sloppy joe will be morphed into a baked potato bar with toppings, slaw, applesauce and coconut cream pie.

    What Sunday dinner will you be having?
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    More snow happening!
    We have waaaay too many leftovers in the fridge! We will try to clean up as much as we can for our dinner tonite, a real smorgasbord!
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      It's been a beautiful day. Sunny 50
      I had planned on cooking a pork loin roast BUT the kids came and I just couldn't take the time. So when they left some quickie spaghetti. Have fruit salad left. That will be our sweetie later.


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        It’s really been pretty out today, a little cool but that’s OK. Our tract has been having some problems with the maple trees that were planted in the parkways, sidewalks are starting to buckle a bit and are starting to cause other problems as well. Our HOA took bids on getting them removed and the homeowners will have to pay for it. It’s not going to be expensive, $80 to cut it down, and either $80 or $130 to have it hauled away depending on who does it. I’ve got no problem with it, we only pay $60 a YEAR for our HOA, it would be different if we had to pay the high fees of other neighborhoods. I spent part of the day vacuuming and purging stacks of magazines that I seem to accumulate. My mouth is healing nicely.

        I’m making a pot of Italian meatball and pasta soup that I found online, should make enough to freeze some up for later. It’s cooking now and I did a couple of tweaks to it. I’ll post it later if it comes out good. I may make a piece of garlic bread to go with it.​